The Simple Formula for Success in James Charles Palette Looks Step by Step.

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What is the James Charles Palette Looks Step by Step?

The James Charles Palette Looks Step by Step ebook is a comprehensive guide to building your ideal color routine. It reviews the science behind why certain colors work well together and walks you through picking the perfect palette using well-known products and brands in your local store.

But that’s not all! The James Charles Palette Looks Step by Step ebook also provides an easy-to-follow step-by-step formula for success. With this formula, you will always know how to create a look that fits into your day, even if it isn’t planned in advance!


– This guide is to help you create the perfect color look allowing you to use your favorite products and create a cohesive look that makes sense with your schedule. The formula will give you the foundation of what products work well together.

– You can use this guide as inspiration and then go out, buy the products and attempt to recreate it. This guide works well if you are coming from a blank canvas and don’t know what products to use.

– This guide is inspired by YouTuber James Charles, who provides great makeup tutorials on his YouTube channel. He has gained millions of fans and created an amazing following. [1] You may have seen him on social media in the past few years or have seen videos of his makeup tutorials posted on various platforms with millions of views. [2]

– If you don’t want to buy the products, this guide will give you an idea of how to create a look that uses similar tones and colors but does it more efficiently (e.g., less brushes).


– If you are a beginner or want to take your makeup skills up a notch and want to know how to product effectively, this guide can help. – If you are interested in the art of makeup and want to understand how colors work and why some people do certain looks better than others, this guide is for you. – If you love James Charles’s makeup tutorials and want more tips on creating similar looks, this guide is for you.

What You Will Get from the James Charles Palette Looks Step by Step?

– A simple method of creating a look that fits into your schedule. – A color formula that can be used as a guide with products at home or online (e.g., Sephora, Ulta, etc. – A formula to understand colors better and their relationships. – How to pick an appropriate palette. – How to use the palette effectively (i.e., same colors, similar colors but different tones).

– The look is appropriate for 9-5 environments and can be created in under 10 minutes.

– The tutorial can be completed in under 5 minutes!


– This guide is not a step-by-step tutorial. I am assuming that you have some makeup abilities. – This guide uses subjective terms instead of being more objective. For example, I say that you should use this color palette because it “looks great” and is one of my favorites.

– Some of your favorite products may not be used in this look. If a product is not included in the palette, I do not mention it in the formula steps (e.g., foundation, concealer, eyeshadow primer).

– You may need to buy or use more than one product to get the color for your eyes and lips done perfectly (e.g. lip color, mascara).

– You need to have or use products that go with the colors in the palette (e.g., blush, highlighter and bronzer).

– This is a guide on what looks good in theory but might not be the right look for you. For example, there are many formulas for brown eyes (more than I could list here) that are better for people with very fair skin and other formulas that might work better for people with light skin.

– You might want to read the product reviews and see what some other people who have tried these products have to say. I am not an expert and do not know how it will look on every skin tone. James Charles also is not an expert himself and has videos of how he looks in certain colors that others may not get the same look from (i.e., blue eyes in lavender).

– There is no guarantee that you will like the product formulas or find them useful (e.g., most people don’t like eye makeup removers). This is the first product review I have ever done, so please let me know if anything needs improvement or to be added. The ebook provides an easy-to-follow formula that will always help you create a look that fits into your day, even if it isn’t planned in advance!


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