The Ultimate Android of the Century


Could you ever imagine going about your day without a piece of technology that’s customized to fit your needs? How about trying to hold an important Zoom meeting with a low quality front camera, streaming off of 3G or 4G data. Yikes, that’s not a good sign!

The Samsung Galaxy Note S20 is jam packed with lots of great features, specs, and functions that give it its reputation. From enhancing low lighting images to streaming 5G on most of its devices, Samsung has really outdone itself with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Here, check it out what are the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 specs?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 sits at a whopping 6.7 inches, with almost a 90% screen-to-body ratio. That means you just paid for a phone that’s worth every dollar. Large screens are a thing now, especially for gamers, streamers, and podcast creators.

Additional specs include:

  • The phone’s performance uses Samsung Exynos 9 Octa.
  • There’s more battery life compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20, sitting at 4300 mAh.
  • Almost seven inches of display.
  • Holds additional storage up to 512 GB.
  • Extremely fast charging (spend less being hooked up to the wall charger all day).

What if I want to work with my computer and phone at the same time?

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No problem. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is built to work side-by-side with your computer. That means, everything is crystal clear and saved real time. Just in case if one dies, the other will have access to the information on the said device, creating less stress in the work environment.


Whether you’re a freelancer, a tech fanatic, or a person that’s looking for something cool to purchase and brag about it on social media, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is worth every penny. Using it is almost like an iPhone 11, but with enhanced features and strong 5G data that allows you to stream, game, or whatever else at home or on the go.


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