Things To Do Immediately At LUMBER STORE

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The moment you walk in the store, one of the Lumber Store’s knowledgeable associates will be there to greet you. You’ll receive a free customer card upon registering and an in-depth tour of all products available. And because we have over 460,000 square feet of retail space, we have items for every taste and need.

We have a complete team of in-house experts who are knowledgeable about any product that is sold at The Lumber Store like bartons monticello ar.

1. Ask for help from our sales staff. 

We have staff associates who are experts in a variety of areas, so you can be sure that they will be able to help you find what you’re looking for. Whether you need a product for a home improvement project, or only have room in your small apartment for a mini furniture set, our associates will be able to help you find the best products to suit your lifestyle.

2. Stock up on building materials

Our store carries name-brand products from top-notch manufacturers including GE Lighting, Dreamworld and Eastern Shade. Our top quality merchandise is designed with you in mind and are available at great prices.

3. Take advantage of some of the best deals around.

Check out our weekly sales and specials section where you can save big on the products that you need. If you don’t want to shop everyday, we offer discounts on your purchases on a regular basis.  We are open seven days a week so you can drop by whenever it is convenient for you!

4. Head over to our helpful information desk and get answers to any questions that you have about building materials or your home improvement projects.

If there is any question that you have about our products, which are from top-rated manufacturers, just ask an associate at our help desk and they will be able to help clear up any confusion that you might have about any product.

5. Enjoy some of the best customer service around.

The Lumber Store uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure that our associates are able to know exactly what products you’re looking for and provide you with the best customer service available. We have partnered with Costco Wholesale and third party sites like Google to ensure that the information that you input is secure and private.

6. Take advantage of our advanced security system in our building complex, as well as any item within the store itself. 

All of our business is being done online, so we put a lot of trust in our secure payment systems and software. This means that we are confident that your information is safe and secure.

7. Shop with confidence knowing that you will have a friendly face to help you find the best products available.

We take pride in the fact that our associates would rather help one of our customers than sell them something they will not like or use. If you need advice on a particular product, or are just looking for someone to go out and get whatever it is that you are in desperate need of, one of our associates will definitely be there for you when you need them most!

8. Stop by the huge selection of gardening supplies and lawn care equipment, which includes gardening tools, portable power tools and more (where applicable).

There are many different products and tools available for you to use once your project is completed. Our area is fully stocked with everything that you need and more. We also have an assortment of soils and plants on hand to help you cultivate a garden of your own.

9. Check out the large selection of exercise equipment, whether it be a treadmill, elliptical trainer or a stationary bike, which includes weight benches, weights and resistance bands (where applicable).

The Lumber Store offers all types of exercise equipment that can help you get into shape or keep fit. We also have plenty of supplies in order to help you along with your regimen – including various strength training gloves, resistance bands and other accessories.

10. Learn about all of our new products and special offers that are on display.

Check out our weekly specials and new products to ensure that you stay on top of the newest trends in home improvement, just to name a few.

11. Take advantage of our huge selection at prices up to 20% less than what you see at other stores.

Even if you don’t have time to shop often, we still have the choice of huge brands like Stanley, Hayneedle and Home Decorators Collection available at great prices!

12. Take advantage of special services that we provide for our customers.

Our service department is made up of experts that can take care of all of your home repair needs, from installing a light fixture to completing a custom kitchen remodel. We also have convenient payment plans available for customers who need help with their purchases.

13. Choose from thousands of products that are unique to our store as well as name brand products.

There are many different products and materials that can be used in any project, whether it be a home improvement or an outdoor patio area, so we make sure to stock our store with the best options available on the market today and at affordable prices!


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