This Is Why Pre-work Check Is So Important !

pre work check
pre work check

Pre-work check is a ritual primarily conducted by people in the fitness industry. It is used as an important tool to ensure that the client’s performance will be successful, with their body and mind prepared to go through a rigorous workout. login is the right place to make the full work check done by your client. Pre-work check is a great way to prepare people for the more intense training they will be doing during their workout. 

Take off the pressure of performing at a high level, by coaching him/her through a series of exercises that will help them learn how to perform all elements of their workout correctly. When your client feels that they have a solid foundation, you can effectively lead them through the rest of the workout. In this way, they can progress further into their experience with you, because everyone wants to feel confident, and most importantly safe as they are going through one of life’s most important milestones.

Checking in person allows the trainer to make certain assumptions about the client, whether they have eaten enough before going into training, or whether they are hydrated enough for intense physical activity. In addition, it allows for more personal communication and allows for better feedback on how well the client is getting along with their training program so progress can be monitored more closely.

This Is Why Pre-work Check Is So Important  :

1. It’s a conversation

There is nothing quite as important as this kind of conversation with a client because it can set the tone for the entire rest of their time in the gym. If they feel like they are not fully being taken care of and that you don’t believe in them, they will be much less likely to train hard during the workout. 

On the other hand, if you want them to push themselves during every minute of every workout, then you need to make sure that they feel as though you trust them enough to tell them exactly what needs to be done. Encourage socialization by listening closely and showing genuine interest and enthusiasm for your clients’ lives and goals.

2. It’s an opportunity to guide

This is your chance to teach your clients about the importance of hydration, nutrition and taking care of their bodies. A great personal trainer should encourage his clients to continue with coaching beyond their training session. They should be given realistic instructions on how to maximize the results of their training, and should also be encouraged to use that knowledge so they can share it with others. 

When you are helping them understand that they have an important role in showing others how they can improve the quality of their lives through fitness, you will not only help them feel better about themselves, but you’ll also have a top notch marketing strategy for attracting more clients in your business.

3. It’s a better workout

A great personal trainer knows that helping their clients achieve the results they are hoping for is his primary responsibility. If your client comes in with a few days of bodybuilding training planned but ends up with swollen tendons or a sore back, you might have misjudged whether they are ready to push themselves hard enough to get the results they desire. 

This is because performing well in those types of exercises requires different parts of their bodies to be working well together, and if those muscles are not in top shape then it will pay off financially and emotionally to skip that workout together next time.

4. It’ll make you better

If you are a personal trainer, then it might be difficult for you to understand why your client would come to you if he or she does not feel that they need your services. After all, your job is to make sure that everyone who comes into the gym can perform their best and continue to improve over time. 

But if you are only in it for the money, then it’s very easy to pick up shortcuts here and there that will make you feel like you’re making progress even though your client isn’t. This is untrue; when people don’t come back, it often means that they were not able to bounce back after their workout sessions because of their lack of preparation or the seriousness of their injury.

5. It’s the right thing to do

A great personal trainer is not only concerned with how well his client’s body looks, but also how it feels. While many people might be more concerned with what they look like as they are performing their workouts, a great personal trainer also knows that soreness will prevent them from feeling confident in their ability to perform well, and this can make your client want to avoid coming back to the gym altogether. 

The best way you can ensure that your clients come back is by making sure that they feel good about their experience in the gym, which means giving them the best tools and cues so they know exactly what to do each time they come in for their session.


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