Top 10 Movie theaters in Bozeman

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“Hey Montana and Bozeman locals! What’s your favorite place for a great movie theater experience? We at wanted to know, so we compiled a list of the Top 10 Movie theaters in Bozeman.”

This list is compiled of 10 bozeman mt movies that are voted on by the public. These theaters are their favorites, not ours. 

We at wanted to know your opinions on what your favorite theater was, so we asked our listeners to vote for their favorite movie theater in Bozeman.

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There will be two polls with all ten different movie theaters listed named ‘Best-of-the-Bozemans’ and ‘The Top 10 Movie Theaters’. Please vote for only one of the polls.

Top 10 movie theaters in Bozeman :

1. Heritage Square Cinemas –

 located at the Heritage Square Mall in Bozeman, just off I-90. Bigger theater, air conditioning, reclining seats and another movie theater for kids called ‘Coco’s’. All are great options! And they have the world’s largest IMAX theater!

2. Regal –

Located in the Old Bozeman Town Center, just behind the McDonald Theater. This theater is very nice and everyone is nice! They have comfortable cinema theater seating, reclining seats, and I’ve heard good things about their popcorn!

3. Roxy Theatre –

Located at the Old Bozeman Town Center, just behind the McDonald Theater. Darker than most people like, but it has very comfortable seating.

 Entertainment is sort of old school with projection screens that appear to be hand drawn or hand painted! 

They also have an IMAX theater! Limited seating, up to 80 seats which fills up quickly – bring your own lawn chairs!

4. Living Cinemas- 

This theater is usually pretty busy. They have an IMAX theater with movies that are 2D or 3D. They also have a kid friendly ‘Coco’ where kids under 12 can see movies also. 

They aren’t the biggest theater, but it’s another great option for families who want to go to the movies in Bozeman without having to drive too far!

5. The Magic Lantern- 

Another small theater with air conditioning, reclining seats and another kid friendly movie called ‘Coco’s’ is also available for kids under 12. 

I’m not sure if they have other kid friendly movies, but I’ve heard good things about the kid movie options at the Magic Lantern.

6. Harvest Moon Ballroom- 

This is a classic Bozeman movie theater, located downtown on Main Street. It has been around since the late 1800’s!

 It has decent seating and you’ll want to get there early because the parking fills up quickly.

7. Regal –

Located in Belgrade at the intersection of I-90 and exit 99 on Rocker Road, next to the Boone Village Shopping Center. 

Another Regal theater, this one is also quite nice. The seats are comfortable and the staff is very nice!

8. Ambassador Theaters –

This theater is larger than other theaters in Bozeman, offering stadium seating. They have either 2D or 3D movies for children to enjoy. 

Even though they’re newer, their seating isn’t quite as comfortable as some other theaters in Bozeman because it’s not fully reclining yet.

 But still a good place to go because it’s located right off of I-90. This theater also has a kid friendly ‘Coco’s’ for kids under 12 years old.

9. Great Falls Stadium Theatre –

This theater is located in Great Falls at the Great Falls Forever Center at Broadway and 4th Street. It has stadium seating, flat screens, reclining seats and even has a bar area with drinks for you to enjoy while watching your favorite movie!

10. Belgrade Stadium Theaters –

This theater is located in Belgrade at the intersection of I-90 and exit 99 on Rocker Road, next to the Boone Village Shopping Center. 

This theater also has stadium seating, great for families with small children because it’s a little higher up and more room for your feet.

 It’s newer than the Ambassador Theater in Bozeman, but what they lose in seating comfortability, they make up for in size!

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