Top 5 Career Paths for Scrum Masters

Career Paths

Becoming a scrum master opens up multiple career options for an individual and enables them to climb the ladder of success very quickly. However, learning something more and advancing further in life is always welcome. There are certain career paths that are perfect for scrum masters and we have listed out a few of them to help you make a sound decision for yourself!

  • Product Owner – if you are someone who is more inclined towards what the team is building rather than being interested in the act of creating something while being on a scrum team, then becoming a product owner is the path for you. This role is equal to that of a scrum master role and can be done after enrolling yourself in  a scrum master courses. 
  • Agile Coach – after getting the CSM certification, a lot of people gravitate towards becoming an agile coach. As an agile coach you are responsible for helping in facilitating the agile and scrum implementation, helping teams adopt agile and achieve success. Doing a scrum master certification will help you further enhance your scrum skills and become more well versed with all the concepts. You will also be in a position to train others better and help them achieve better results. 
  • Manager – a manager is an essential part of any team and are needed to help guide the team better and perform tasks more effectively and efficiently. As an ex-scrum master, if you also become the manager of your scrum team, then you will be able to better guide them and understand the challenges and difficulties of the team even better as opposed to a normal manager. Having said that, it also means a substantial increase in your role and responsibilities as a whole. 
  • Mentor – once you have perfected the art of being a scrum master, you can them move on to become a mentor to other scrum masters and help them perfect their craft even further. This role includes you providing psychological support to the team and imparting knowledge from your area of expertise. The team that you will be mentoring will be involved in the daily use of scrum and hence as a mentor you will be able to guide them more effectively. The main outcome of becoming a mentor from a scrum master is that it allows you to enable individuals in your team to become more self sufficient while at the same time ensure that the team as a whole also gains from it and becomes more self-organizing. 
  • Management Roles – the opportunity and avenue towards moving to managerial roles increases when you become a scrum master and are ready to take on a bigger role. There is an increase of interest towards management roles as you have mastered the art of managing scrum teams and are on the lookout for better and more challenging roles. 

The graph does not just stop with the above roles. There is so much more that is being discovered everyday and it is best to keep an open mind and be open to opportunities that exist around you. When you become a scrum master, your demand in the industry increases and more opportunities tend to come your way. You can take psm training to brush up your scrum master knowledge. You have a lot of options open for you and choose one that find the most interesting. It is always better to climb the ladder of success when it comes to career roles and not become too stagnant or comfortable with your current job. It limits the opportunity for learning and also puts you behind the others. 


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