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Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Originally a small startup, it now has over 280 million monthly users and is listed as the 9th most visited site on the internet. 

It’s also been called “the front page of the internet” because new content from around the web gets posted to Reddit hours before it appears anywhere else.

 In this article you will learn more about Reddit, how it works, and what benefits there are for using this social media platform to grow your business or career.

💡 What is Reddit? is a website that allows users to upvote content, which goes up automatically on the site’s front page. 

Each post has a comment section, where users can leave their own comments. The website’s content is split into categories, called subreddits (short for “subreddit”). 

Each subreddit is dedicated to a single topic or theme. Popular subreddits tend to grow in size and often become popular news sources themselves.

 Out of the 543 million posts that were posted to Reddit in 2013, just over 20 percent received upvotes and made it onto the site’s front page.

💡 How do I know if a post has been upvoted?

If a post receives a lot of upvotes, it could be considered a front page post. If you’re interested in learning more about the top Reddit posts for a certain month, look at that month’s front page. You can find it here: front page of the internet. 

The top minds of reddit posts from each month are listed on this page. If you think your company or your work is worthy of being on the top list, contact us here and let us know about how you think it deserves to be there.

 In the past, we have worked with companies whose work has made it to the Reddit front page.

💡 What are upvotes?

Upvotes are a way to measure a user’s opinion of a post. If a user upvotes a post, they approve of it and want to see it move higher on the site’s front page. 

If they downvote a post, they disapprove of it and would like to see it drop off the site’s list entirely. In general, only amateur Reddit users will downvote content if they don’t like it.

💡 Who are the top Redditors?

While anyone is free to post on the top reddit, certain users become famous on the site. The most famous, in 2011, were the moderators of the “Tea Party” subreddit.

 They worked with CBS News to create a top video of the year for the tea party political movement, which amassed 10 million views in less than 24 hours after being uploaded. 

Victoria Taylor was the moderator of that subreddit and left her job after making news across all online news outlets. 

She frequented Reddit’s front page before her departure and was eventually hired by Apple as an employee working on its new Apple Music streaming service. Snoo is another popular user who posts on Reddit every day. 

He is 3-years-old and constantly makes headlines.

💡 How do I join a subreddit?

If you want to join a particular subreddit for a business or career you can search on Reddit for that topic’s name. 

You can type the word “business” into the search bar at the top of your screen and it will come up with lots of subreddits related to different careers, businesses, and jobs.

💡 How do I make my own subreddit?

You don’t have to make your own Reddit topic if you don’t want to. However, if you decide to make your own topic it is recommended that you use a specific keyword as your title. 

The best way to do this is to use Google’s keyword planner.

💡 How does Reddit make money?

Reddit accepts ads from large companies. However, it also has many small businesses that advertise on the site.

 It works very similarly to Google AdWords, except the ads are run by users instead of Google’s employees. Companies pay for advertising on Reddit using the platform’s “self serve” program.

💡 Are there any downsides?

The biggest downside of posting work on Reddit is that it isn’t widely used for business promotion, especially not outside of the United States. However, big companies do use the site to interact with their users. 

General Motors’ Reddit page is popular for this reason, as are several Microsoft employees’ profiles. The biggest downside for aspiring Redditors is that it isn’t used much outside the United States.

 This means you will need to focus your efforts on audiences in English-speaking countries if you want the platform to help promote your business or career.

💡 Why should I use Reddit?

First of all, Reddit is free and easy to use. Users don’t even have to register for an account in order to upvote posts or downvote posts if they don’t want to.

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