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kristopher roller zepnJQycr4U unsplash

As the old saying goes, travel is broadening. And you know what broadening means? Vagabonds are on the move and connecting with people from all over the world by learning a new language or taking a new course, including travel itself as a course.

No pressure, but here are some of my personal favorite websites to learn something new abroad. 

If you want to visit any of these websites below, just click on them and they will take you there in an instant:

Some amazing resources when it comes to exploring other cultures include: Travel Plus+, BeMyGuest, Hubstaff Academy, Language Hotspots and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree.

It’s amazing how much information you can find about the world on the Internet, including travel lingo. 

Just remember that travel is broadening, which means you could broaden your vocabulary 

so that you don’t sound like a total foreigner when you travel abroad in some of the following countries:

Bahamas (Resorts): “Have to pick up some mon,” means I have to pee. In Singapore, it is “ko ngo doc”. 

Also in Bangladesh they say, “Bapod nabood.” Visit Koh Samui Travel Guide for more Thai Information.

Canada (English speaking): “Howya doin’?” is a pretty common greeting in Canada. 

In Ireland, they say “howya feedin’, and in Northern (England) it’s, “How ya doin’ mate?”

France: In French they say “Bon jour” (“bawn zhoor”) in the south of France, and in the north they would normally say Bonjour.

Germany: People commonly greet each other with “Guten tag” (“goo-ten tak”), which means “good day.” 

In Germany there are many different dialects which vary from region to region. Learn German fast.

Bona Sera

Italy: A common greeting for Italians is “Bona sera”. This literally means good evening and is often used when greeting someone after sunset. 

In Italian, the phrase is “Buona sera” (“bon zara”) with the letter z being pronounced as an s.

Singapore: “Allo” or show my hands or “Yo Mama Yo Mama.”

Spain: You will hear the words “buenas noches” in Spain and across Latin America. In Portugal it’s, “Boa noite”. 

In Spain, it is common to say, “Hola”, in Spain and Latin America. In Argentina it is also common to say, Buenos días. Learn Spanish fast.

Sweden: A fun fact many Swedes don’t know is that when greeting each other, the word “på lördag” (on Saturday) can be used. 

They do not say “i morgon” (tomorrow). This is common in the provinces of Skåne and Scania.

United Kingdom: In the United Kingdom people say, “It’s a fine day”. 

This can also be used as an icebreaker in a bar or club. 

If you are visiting London, this should really be your first word when entering any place whether it is for coffee or for a meal. Learn English fast.

It’s important to learn some of the accent and culture of the country you are visiting. 

And for those who want to go beyond a perception that you’re a tourist or only see what you can see, 

know that there is a world out there, and it’s just waiting for you to open your eyes.

“I was skeptical at first, but this article really helped me memorize geography by using these words..” – Kat, US.

Just WOW!

“This is a great article for anyone who is looking for a deep understanding of the words and phrases used in different countries around the globe. 

I would like to thank this author for writing this article. Just WOW!” – Thomas, UK.. “wow travel form”

Do you want to help? I am also looking to translate this article into Spanish, French, German and Italian. 

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Marko Arapovic is the founder of Hubstaff Academy Press and he has made it his mission to share his knowledge with people all over the world. 

He is also a passionate coach who trains others in new skills to help them soar forward.

He is currently living his passion and working from his home base in Amsterdam with his wife, two kids, many animals and a very appreciated micro blog! 

Want to learn more about him?

I am the founder of Hubstaff Academy Press, which provides online learning for professional skills. 

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I named my blog I am a learner not a teacher. If you don’t learn, you become obsolete. – Marko Arapovic

I would like to thank Andrea for the awesome time we had together! 

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