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Considered as the Scotland of India, Coorg merits this title as it is just as delightful. From various charming perspectives to the beautiful scene which makes for exciting journeys to the bountiful untamed life and the rich Kodava culture, the spots to visit in Coorg and the activities there are different to the point that one outing won’t be adequate to do everything. 

Spots to Visit 

There are a ton of spots to visit in Resorts in Coorg every individual’s taste. 

  1. Pushpagiri Hills 

Situated in the Western Ghats, there are a lot of journeying trails here. It is here that the Kumara Parvatha is found. Kumar Parvatha is the second most elevated top in Coorg; it is the goal for adventurers who need to encounter ravishing perspectives on the scenes in Coorg. The tough territories invite courageous hearts to investigate the journeying trail and be remunerated with unblemished perspectives all around. 

When you complete the difficult trip, you will be remunerated with a dynamite perspective on lavish greenery from the top. The span of trips for the most part goes from 3 to 4 hours. The atmosphere here is wonderful around the year. And still, at the end of the day, September and October are the greatest months to visit Pushpagiri. 

  1. The Tadiandamol top 

It is the second most noteworthy in Karnataka. This spot is a functioning area for adventurers. The encompassing locale offers a lot of beautiful enjoyments. Situated in the Western Ghats, the Tadiyandamol top is 35 km from Madikeri. The Nalknad Palace is frequently utilized as a base camp by adventurers. The castle is a two-storeyed structure. It is found high on an edge and arriving makes for a difficult journey. The royal residence is additionally home to a flourishing honey bee populace and has a honey beekeeping focus which can be visited. 

  1. Nishani Motte 

A standout amongst other strange journeys in Karnataka, Nishani Motte, is in the Bramhagiri Range in the Western Ghats. Rulers recently utilized the top as a flagging spot in old occasions. The path, being moderately obscure is a peaceful and quiet spot, away from the crowds of sightseers found in the district. Going through tenderly undulating ways, the path experiences the absolute greenest and tourist detours of espresso estates, making it a perfect pick for travelers who love to take a calm and unconventional path. Trip to Nishani Motte on the off chance that you need to appreciate an unmatched perspective on Coorg and the encompassing mountains. 

  1. Nisargadhama 

It is a lovely island on the Cauvery waterway, 28 km from Madikeri, encompassed by thick foliage of bamboo forests, sandalwood, and teak trees. The island, which is likewise a mainstream excursion spot extends across 64 km and is settled in the midst of rich bamboo forests, thick foliage, and delightful sandalwood and teak trees. The island can be reached by means of a hanging rope connect, which is maybe the most invigorating piece of the excursion. You may likewise across bunnies, peacocks, and deer in case you’re fortunate. What’s more, it additionally has an orchidarium and kids’ play area. You can remain in the treetop bamboo houses here and appreciate the elephant rides and just as drifting. 

  1. Raja’s Seat 

Raja’s Seat was the most loved spot of relaxation of Kodagu lords. There are perspectives on a rambling occasional nursery roosted on a hillock with the nightfall out of sight. A decent an ideal opportunity to visit would be promptly toward the beginning of the day to discover the valley canvassed in fog and watch the dawn. 

  1. Nagarhole National Park 

Nagarhole National Park is a well known natural life asylum in this locale is a mainstream fascination for untamed life lovers and voyagers the same. Aside from being a Tiger Reserve, it is likewise home to wild tuskers. Gaur and deer are a portion of different creatures that have frequently been seen in Nagarhole. The recreation center is basically thick tropical timberland bountiful with rich verdure all through, you will likewise run over floods of perfectly clear water moving through the wilderness. Inside the woodland, there are wilderness stops, a stay in one of these cabins can just add to the experience. 

  1. Dubare Elephant Camp 

Dubare Elephant Camp 

Camp gives an energizing and uncommon experience to draw near to elephants. With more than 150 elephants, the camp is an extraordinary opportunity to become more acquainted with these delicate creatures. Watch the elephants being given a shower, took care of, and prepared by Mahouts. Or on the other hand, you can select to take a ride on the Cauvery stream and detect a crocodile, gaur, the wild canine, sloth bear, and even peacocks. The feature of this camp is that a lot of elephants are reared, yet in addition to prepared. Naturalists attempt the obligation of dealing with these elephants. At the point when you visit the camp, a naturalist can disclose to you the methods of an elephant. 

Dubare is likewise a winged animal sweetheart’s heaven. You can see extraordinary feathered creatures in this district. Indeed, even seeing some normal winged animals can charm There is a wealth of partridges, woodpeckers, and kingfishers around there. Not to overlook the brilliant peacocks swaggering around in their vivid quills. In the event that you can visit the backwoods save during nightfall, you can see a mass migration of flying creatures. 

An astonishing remains close to the Dubare Elephant Camp! 

  1. Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary 

This Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a large group of creatures including tigers, panthers, jackals, porcupines, goliath flying squirrels, cobras, pythons and elephants. It is situated close to Coorg and gets its name from Talakaveri, the starting point of the Cauvery River. It is likewise a perfect spot for journeying. 

  1. Chettalli 

This is a little town on the Madikeri – Siddapur Road. It is one of the perfect spots to visit in Coorg to observe and encounter the neighborhood culture. With dim slopes praised well by the ceaseless greenery, you should need to unwind and appreciate the peacefulness. 

  1. Bylakuppe 

The second greatest Tibetan settlement in India, is an awesome spot in the event that you need a brief look into the otherworldliness and culture of Buddhism, down south. The town is particularly extraordinary to visit during the celebration of Losar (Tibetan New Year), which is praised with much intensity. The Namdroling Monastery or the Golden Temple is the greatest vacation spots in Bylakuppe. It is a common Tibetan cloister with gold work on the numerous artistic creations that line the dividers. Be that as it may, the most unmistakable element must be the 18m-high gold-plated Buddha. 


Coorg offers different exercises, particularly experience encounters that keep the explorers engaged. The following are a lot of best activities in Coorg. 

  1. Whitewater boating 

The Barapole River in Coorg offers one of the best whitewater boating encounters in the nation. The waterway is pleasant and a fortune trove of picturesque enjoyments. On either side of the waterway are forested zones. It covers a short separation, however boating on these waters is an exciting encounter in any case. The stream is a characteristic water body to play a scope of water sports. There are two areas of rapids – upper and lower segments. There are a few rapids for first-time rafters and some are reasonable for prepared whitewater rafters. 

  1. Calculating (Fishing) 

Stream Cauvery has loads of fishing camps situated on the banks and the one in Valnur town is the most famous in the part. This is one of those spots to visit in Coorg in the event that you appreciate fishing. However, you should be a little cautious about the standards and limitations on fishing around there. Right off the bat, you need a permit to fish, which can be given at the Coorg Wildlife Society’s office in Madikeri. Likewise, fishing at Valnur needs to follow the ‘Catch and discharge’ rule – the fishes you get should be discharged go into the water. This is a piece of protection drive in the district. 

  1. Kayaking and Canoeing 

The more peaceful side of the Cauvery River can be delighted in thusly. Teachers are accessible in the different camps that direct these exercises. You can ride on either a kayak (3-man) or a kayak (2-man). 

  1. Quad Biking 

Quad biking includes taking a 250cc quad bicycle rough terrain through a generally unpleasant and sloppy train, through the woods. Being managed by educators, this makes for a sheltered family trip. Different exercises include zip lines, rope walkways, and snag courses. 

  1. Espresso manor visits 

Coorg is likewise popular worldwide for its rambling espresso ranches, and what better to investigate a spot like this than through its numerous espresso manors? There are government possessed and private espresso homes here where you can visit and even go with a specialist espresso picker and get knowledge into how it’s finished. Most gathering exercises are manual with machines being utilized just once in a while. 

Guided visits are accessible through these estates if necessary. The espresso estates of Coorg are the perfect spots to visit in Coorg in the event that you need to encounter the differing greenery of the district. The ranches are ideal spots for fledgling viewing and photography also on the off chance that you are keen on those exercises 

Spots to Stay 

The most ideal approach to encounter the neighborhood culture and food particularly when you are on a restricted financial plan is to remain in a homestay at Coorg. While Coorg has a lot of extravagance resorts, it is the homestays that get everyone’s attention, offering a bona fide experience of the nearby culture. To find out about the stays in Coorg, you can look at these online journals: Homestays in Coorg, Honeymoon resorts in Coorg, Offbeat remains in Coorg and Budget remains in Coorg. 

  • Coorgi food 
  • Pandi Curry (Image kindness: 

Coorg is extremely acclaimed for Pandi curry, which is made of pork and a mix of flavors like cinnamon, red bean stew, clove and the quintessential curry leaves. Akki Rotti, a chapatti-like flapjack produced using cooked rice and rice flour is another mark delicacy of Coorg. 

An assortment of Puttu steamed rice dishes, for example, Nooputtu, rice strings like the Kerala Idiyappam, Paaputtu a blend of steamed broken rice, coconut and sugar can likewise be delighted in.



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