Travel Myths That Solo Female Travelers Often Hear

Female Travelers

So, you’ve planned a fantastic trip to a location you’ve always wanted to see, but you can’t seem to persuade anyone to join you. What is a girl to do in this situation? Wait? We don’t believe in waiting for other people to fulfill your ambitions. You would see girls traveling alone in various locations, and it’s been both enjoyable and educational for all of them. You would have heard many stereotypes about solo female travelers, so we are glad to dispel them here.

Ø  Some myths around female solo travelers

Any woman going on a solo journey will be bombarded with unsolicited advice on the perceived benefits and risks of solo travel. For every woman who aspires to be like the protagonist of Reckless, there are many more who can only imagine the challenges of going it alone. So, we enlisted the help of experts to debunk these five common misconceptions about solo travel:

o   The world outside is not safe for women — Despite what films make you think, the world outside your country’s borders is not a dangerous place. You are typically trained as women to fear the unfamiliar, which is sad because it keeps you caged where you feel secure. The fact is that if you travel wisely and responsibly in many (if not most) countries, you will be at least as safe as you would be in a big metropolis back home.

o   You must be able to communicate in a foreign language — You might be awful at speaking foreign languages. But that does not mean you cannot travel alone, fearing you won’t be able to send across your message to the locals of the place.  English is now the worldwide travel language, and by far, the most essential one you can learn. It’s usually a good idea to know a few important words in the language of the nation you’re visiting, such as ‘hello’ and ‘thank you,’ but don’t allow your lack of language skills to prevent you from traveling.

o   Do not talk to strangers — This advice was undoubtedly good when you were young, but it’s no longer applicable now that you are all older. When you travel alone, everyone appears to be a stranger unless you make an effort to meet them. Then they are either fantastic fellow travelers or fascinating locals with intriguing tales to tell. Trust your intuition, and make new friends. But move away from anyone who makes you uncomfortable. When it comes to safety, it’s perfectly OK to be impolite.

o   All solo women travelers do not have a pair – Silly myth! Why should you drag your boyfriend along with you if you want to travel somewhere? And going on a trip without your husband is OK too. A solo female traveler does not always mean she is looking to mingle with someone or is escaping from a broken relationship.

o   You will be safe only in a buzzing hotel – This might be so far the weirdest myth a woman traveler can hear. How can a busy hotel keep you safe? And it is upon you whether you want to stay in a hotel or one of the apartments in Louisville from Kasa. These are entirely safe for all kinds of tourists and have all the modern-day amenities you desire. You can stay here throughout and enjoy your solo trip with complete privacy, without any worries.

The fact is that solo travel isn’t simply for when you can’t find anybody else to accompany you. It’s a gratifying and educational experience that also keeps you stress-free in itself. You’ll learn about resources you didn’t know you possessed and come across incredible stuff. You could even make some significant life choices. But one thing is certain: you’ll have a great time. If you’re a woman ready to go out on your own, keep this in mind: it’s acceptable to be afraid, and you’ll be fine!


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