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Sometimes it seems like we’ve seen it all — everything from triplets to world records.

 But believe it or not, there are still plenty of incredible stories that always seem to end up trending and going viral. 

We’ve compiled a list here Clean ERSJ  of some of the most popular and unusual stories right now for your reading pleasure. Check out the list below!

Top 9 trending and viral stories :

1. World’s oldest twins celebrate their 110th birthday together in British Columbia.

British Columbia has a new world record: two of its residents, Joe and to his left, Mary Westrelin, are now considered the “world’s oldest twins.” 

On July fourth the couple celebrated their 110th birthday together. Not only do they share a birthday but they also share everything else — they live in the same house and drive the same car. What is their secret to long life? They say eating vegetables and taking care of your body is key.

2. Scientists have discovered a unique form of autism in women.

Autism is a well-known issue among men and boys, but research suggests that there is a less known form of autism in women. 

Scientists at the University of California at San Diego studied 20,000 people to determine why autism seems to affect more boys than girls. 

They discovered that it is because of the biological difference between men and women for this particular form of autism — it’s not because more boys are diagnosed with this disease.

3. This man turned his wheelchair into a boat and sailed across an entire lake in Italy.

You may have seen this video of a man who built a boat out of his wheelchair and sailed across an entire lake.

 It made headlines earlier in the week, but now the story is going viral again. 64-year-old John Biggs suffered from polio as a young boy and has had paralysis in his legs since then. Despite his handicap, he found a way to make something incredible out of his wheelchair.

4. This guy proposed to his girlfriend with an 800-page book about their relationship.

A woman named Astrid was completely shocked when her boyfriend Paul decided to propose to her by writing an entire 800-page book about their relationship.

 The book is filled with pictures and memories from their time together. We have a feeling she said “yes”!

5. This boy came home from school with perfect attendance for over two years straight, with only 10 days missed in total.

If you had perfect attendance at school, you probably didn’t even know what that was like — but now you do! 

A young boy named Ben Skinner walked into his local ice cream shop in West Virginia and got a surprise of a lifetime: his favorite ice cream with a congratulatory message on top. 

The reason? He had been to school for 726 consecutive days without missing a single day, and his mom wanted to make sure he knew it.

6. An ex-New York police officer solved the mystery of his mother’s death over 16 years later.

An ex-New York police officer solved the mystery of his mother’s death after placing a personal ad online trying to find information about her passing. 

The results revealed that she had been murdered while waiting in line for an ice cream cone, but he still couldn’t find out who did it.

 He placed another personal ad online but someone finally came forward with the information about what happened after all these years. Her case is now being reopened!

7. This guy found out that there is a law demanding men to ask women on dates in New York City.

A man named Jeremy didn’t know this, but there is a law that demands men to ask women on dates in New York City.

 The law was put into place because ballet dancers have been claiming that men steal their dates from them.

 Now, if a man wants to get a date with a woman without asking her out first, he has to purchase a ticket for a Broadway show instead.

8. This woman brought back her dead fiance’s dog from the pound and it only cost her $15.

John had a dog named Boots and he was so attached to him that he was willing to pay almost $20 for the opportunity to have it back.

 So, when John passed away suddenly, his wife tried bringing him back from the pound — she paid $15 for it! Now she takes care of Boots and they are happy together.

9. A man lost an eye after an injury on a farm in Australia. 

But, here’s the crazy part, he got a new one made out of an onion. A man named Dave lost an eye after an injury on a farm in Australia. 

But what would you do if you didn’t have enough money to get a new one? Well, Dave is quite the inventive man because he actually made one himself out of an onion! 

A surgeon later implanted it into his head after it had healed up. Dave is now able to see again with the help of the eye that was created from an onion!


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