Unearthing team spirit

team spirit

There is a famous saying “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. There are a lot of things involved in teamwork and every person in a team has certain roles to play. When you choose to be a part of a team sport when you do not necessarily do it simply because you like it, it is also because it fits you characteristically. A lot of extroverts choose team sport particularly as it feeds their needs to be with as well as around people.

Being a teammate does not only mean being a part of the team. There are more things involved in a team sport. Teams are present everywhere you go therefore it is utmost important for you to develop your skills to cooperate so that you feel effective in all team environments.

Some typical characteristics of being a suitable teammate are as follows:

  • Cooperation
  • Accountability
  • Having fun
  • Socialization
  • Dealing with loss

A team is often made with a diverse group of people who have specific roles to perform. In order for the individuals to be effective in a team they must be aware about the skills sets possessed by the members of the team. They have the task of figuring out how to blend their overall skills and form a force to reckon. Most of the time this happens to be the basic task of the leader.

Building considerable teamwork is both challenging and fun. It is challenging since you will have to figure out about using all the uniqueness that your team possesses. When a team starts understanding each other and learns to build relationships teamwork comes in a more natural way and becomes way more fun.

The best way to build a team is to support the differences. This will enable every team member to grow and learn.

Some great teamwork skills include:

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Feedback skills
  • Persuasion and influencing skills
  • Organizing and planning

 Now some of these skills are not inherent. It usually takes time to develop these skills. Coaches and captains need to foster learning and development in a team. It’s important to make sure that practices are designed in a way where everyone has an opportunity to develop and practice using these skills but in their own way. For example, each athlete on your team will have a very different way of communicating or problem-solving. No one is wrong.

Teamwork skills also help athletes develop the mental skills necessary to perform optimally during competition. For example, if you are given the opportunity to work on decision-making skills, the likelihood is that you’ll have lower anxiety around making decisions during competition.

Character helps determine the kind of leader you will become. When you develop teamwork skills and mental skills, you are also developing leadership skills. These skills are transferable to business. Being part of a sports team is seen as a positive in the eyes of many companies. They will generally hire someone because of their sports experience because it includes all of these other skills that are important for business. Many athletes come with these skills while other employees may have less experience with them and lack these abilities. The most important thing to remember about the skills associated with teamwork is that you have to consciously work to build them and everyone comes with a different set of them.

Softball is actually a great team sport and the team that wins in a softball tournament are often presented with softball team trading pins. Working in a team makes you a better individual.


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