Video marketing hacks that actually work

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istockphoto 1069995244 170667a

This is an article about some video marketing hacks. 

These are techniques you can use to increase the demand for your videos, which will result in more views, more shares on social media, and more subscriptions to your YouTube channel. 

The more shares and subscriptions you have, the more likely it is that people will discover your videos. They might even sign up for premium membership on YouTube just because they liked one of your videos! 

So let’s begin with some video marketing hacks that actually work.

1- Open Hours: 

Create exposure at sunrise (5am) and sunset (6pm) by posting regularly with catchy hashtags like #morning motivation or #happy hour tubtime . 

Don’t forget to utilize date-specific hashtags like #WorldCup2014 or #ChristmasEve to increase the chances of getting special promotional treatment.

2- Have an Early Bird Edit: 

Put together an informative video for your readers. 

Think of it as a sales page for your blog post. If you’re already doing the post, make it a teaser to get views before the actual post goes live.

3- Give Yourself a Buffer: 

Video distribution sites like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn have algorithms that prioritize content that receives the most engagement.

 These algorithms can work against you if you always upload your videos at the last minute.

 This is because other people are constantly uploading new content, which will bump yours down the page.

 Instead, aim to upload your video at least an hour before you want it to go live. That way it has time to accumulate likes and shares before the actual publish time.

4- Do More than Just One Video: 

Choose one topic per video and create something epic! If you’re making marketing videos for your business, try not to include more than four main points. 

People prefer to listen, rather than reading. After all, they’re listening rather than reading for a reason.

5- Know Your Mood: 

Don’t just video yourself in your normal, happy mood. If you’re not recording your videos on camera, be sure to check the lighting before your shoot. 

Otherwise you might want to consider filtering the light to enhance its tone and remove glare. Also consider whether or not you want the background of the video to look blurry or super-clear. 

Do some trial runs or test it out with some friends first so you know exactly what effect it will have on your viewers.

6- Use a Green Screen: 

Consider using a green screen to create backgrounds for your videos. If you haven’t seen the Green Screen Wizard’s magic, go check out his videos.

 They can make all kinds of things disappear! For example, you could take your car and make it look like you’re driving around in Italy. 

Your viewers will be completely engaged by what you have to say if they aren’t distracted with the boring background. 

Monetize with videos on YouTube or even charge people for access to exclusive content.

7- Talk Directly to Your Audience: 

Let your viewers know you are talking directly to them. This will make them feel special. Think about using the first person “I” rather than “we” or “my company.”

 This makes your video more personal. Do you have a close-up shot of yourself? Take advantage of it!

 Tell them who you are and what name they should use when addressing you.

 If you are making a video for your business, be sure to capitalize on the psychological power of seeing someone directly address your audience in front of their eyes.

8- Show Your Personality: 

This ties into the last tip. By having a strong voice and a personality, you will make your videos more engaging for your viewers.

 Remember, they won’t be able to tell if you’re a man or a woman speaking. All they will hear is the words coming out of your mouth. Bring it live!

9- Use Tools to Help With Your Videos: 

If you want something that will make the process of making videos faster, then use screen recorder apps like ScreenFlow or RecCam to record your video. 

The tool is able to edit clips from one of these programs from within Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

10- It’s Not Just About You: 

You might notice that these hacks are things that you can do to help people. 

Share your videos on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain more views, shares, and downloads. Create a Patreon account to allow people to support your channel directly without having to spend money every month on premium subscriptions.

 If you give them a reason to subscribe and they like it enough, then they just might decide that the content is worth the cost of a subscription. 


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