Visa Jobs Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips


Have you been trying to find an IT job in the US but found that it’s nearly impossible? That’s because finding a Magnus technology solutions inc My Visa Job should not be hard. Check out these 9 tips on how to start your search and land a dream job!

1. You need to know that there is a company called ArchIT 

They help companies hire foreign talent. This resource could be invaluable for you as they have experience hiring thousands of US visa holders in the past years. Additionally, since most visa-holders are working in IT or computer related fields (or any other field) it makes sense that these jobs tend to be well-paying and highly sought after positions. One of the great advantages of working with ArchIT is that they understand how job markets work and they only represent companies that want you.

2. You guessed it — you need to know the salary range for your job

You need to know what your skill set is worth in the recruitment market. If you are able to identify a good salary range for your particular position, then it makes sense for so many companies to be trying to hire people like you! Try using Glassdoor as a resource to find typical salaries for various positions. Another good resource is Payscale . It’s easy, takes only minutes and could potentially help you find more opportunities than ones posted on Linkedin or Indeed!

3. Don’t have a Bachelors Degree OR do have a Bachelor’s Degree

It’s interesting that people without a college degree or with a college degree are equally competitive in today’s job market. If you don’t have your BA, you should check out services like Career Online to help you get your education back on track. That said, if you want to be competitive, I highly recommend getting your BA as it will increase your chances of being hired and also make you feel more prepared for the real world when you do land an IT job.

4. Don’t think you need to be located in Silicon Valley

Tech companies are hiring from all over the place. The myth that you have to be in Silicon Valley to get a job as an IT professional is not true. If you have opportunities in your area, then take it as a sign that there’s high demand for people like you.

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5. Don’t limit yourself to only working for major tech companies

You might be thinking that if you want an IT job, then it needs to be at this big tech company with the ping pong table and free gourmet lunches on Thursdays? Sorry my friend but they don’t always need people like you! That said, bigger tech companies may offer better benefits and better pay. Yes, of course you can get a job at your local grocery store — but if you want to make more and you want to work in a great office with a fun environment, then bigger tech companies are the way to go. Not only that, but they will give you the opportunity to contribute and grow within your field!  

6. Don’t let others tell you that it’s too hard

Do not listen to people who tell you that it’s too hard and “good luck finding work”. This is not true! If they are serious about getting a visa-job, they should register with ArchIT . Try to contact companies directly as well — tech companies are desperate and need people like you. If you give up this opportunity, who will take it?

7. Don’t let visa requirements intimidate you

If someone tells you that their company requires a certain degree or salary or years of experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the job is off-limits. It just means that they must follow the rules set out by the Department of Labor in order to legally hire an employee from overseas. This is one reason why working with an organization like Arch IT is so important — they understand these laws and can help match you with jobs that are perfectly tailored for your skill set!

8. Don’t feel intimidated by the visa process

The visa process can seem like a headache, but it is actually pretty easy. It’s not as bad as everyone makes it out to be and you shouldn’t let yourself get overwhelmed. When you get to the US, you need to make an appointment with a US consulate or embassy in your home country. Through this appointment, you’ll receive a 1-year visa which allows you to work in the US for up to 36 months (depending on whether or not your employer sponsors your visa). If your employer does not sponsor your visa, then you must find an American employer who will sponsor your visa for less than 365 days in order for them to legally hire you.

9. Work hard and be genuinely interested

If you work hard and show that you are interested in the position, then management will want to keep you around. Even if you don’t fit 100% of their requirements, if they want to hire someone in a hurry, then they may just overlook the minor details to get a new hire fast.


It’s not as hard as everyone thinks. You shouldn’t let people intimidate you or scare you away from pursuing a job that you are interested in. There’s no reason why it should be hard to find a job where you can use your tech skills and make good money.


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