Want to brighten up your PG in Chennai? Grow these indoor gardens to upgrade your space


What’s common to pretty much every hostel or PG room in Chennai or any other city? Blank white walls and basic furniture. Together with a shoebox sized space, they tend to be not worth writing home about. That’s why students and young professionals living in these spaces have to resort to all kinds of decor hacks to upgrade their rooms. Of course, if you choose a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living instead, you definitely won’t have to worry about a boring regular hostel or PG room. Their colourful, comfortable and well-designed spaces are already the perfect backdrop for all your selfies.

But if you’ve not made that smart decision, you still have tonnes of ways to personalise your room. Plants are a great way to add a pop of colour and life to your living space. Not just that, having plants around can improve the air quality in your room and even make you feel calm. So say goodbye to stuffy air and boring decors, and grow one of these indoor gardens to level up your PG room. And since we know that all PGs aren’t the same, we’ve made sure to provide you with a variety of plants that can survive different living conditions. So, check them out!


Best for: small spaces with plenty of light

There’s nothing more on-trend than having some succulents on your desk at the moment. And luckily these indoor plants can be pretty fuss-free and easy to grow. They are small (not growing to more than a foot in size) making them ideal for tiny rooms and PGs. They don’t require a lot of care or watering, so if you’re new to gardening, they can be a good place to start. Just make sure you place them near a window or under grow lights, as the only thing they require is plenty of sunlight. A quick bonus tip: transfer your succulents from their boring plastic pots to colourful (or even DIY) planters, or even a chipped coffee mug you no longer use, for a more personal touch.

Hydroponic plants

Best for: places without sunlight

If you’re not one for mucking about with potting soil and fertilizer, but still want some greenery in your space, hydroponic plants can be a good idea. These are plants that simply grow in water, and don’t require much sunlight. If your PG room doesn’t have a window, or if you don’t want to invest in heavy pots, these plants can be ideal for you to grow. All you’ll need is a nice jar or vase filled with water. These plants do tend to require some cleaning and maintenance, so they’re a great way to exercise your green thumb without getting your hands dirty.

Hanging plants

Best for: rooms with high ceilings

If you and your roommate have already used up every square inch of your PG floor, then it’s time to turn your sights upwards. Setting up vertical or hanging plants is easier than ever thanks to their popularity on Pinterest and Instagram. You can easily purchase some hanging planters or terrariums and suspend them from your ceiling or even a shelf. These planters can be a great way to grow ferns and vines that grow really quickly and are very easy to take care of. 

Non-toxic plants

Best for: places with pets

If you’re staying in one of the pet-friendly PGs in Chennai, plants, especially flowering ones, can be great for upgrading your room decor, but they could end up being dangerous for your furry friends. If you’re planning a green makeover for your paying guest or hostel room, make sure you only get plants that are non-toxic and unlikely to harm your pets (even if they accidentally nibble on them). Houseplants like the spider plant, gloxinias, and areca plants are known to be safe for pets like cats and dogs, but you should definitely do your research before you purchase any.

These four types of indoor gardens can help you upgrade your room in any PG or hostel. So, if you’ve been looking for a sign to add some greenery to your life, go ahead and give one of them a try.


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