What are Hygiene Products and Why Do They Matter?

Hygiene Products
Hygiene Products

Did you know that TV remote controls are leading carriers of bacteria? Or that there are 200% more fecal bacteria on chopping boards than on toilet seats?

We often forget to wash our hands or clean our belongings. Personal hygiene is the act of maintaining cleanliness in one’s body, clothing, overall health and well-being. It includes activities such as general self-care, regularly cleaning bathrooms and personal spaces, taking the necessary oral hygiene measures, grooming, wearing clean clothes, and more. These are essential errands in maintaining a healthy and illness-free lifestyle. 

Below are a few basic hygiene products that we must use on a daily basis to protect ourselves from germs and bacteria’s. 

5 essential hygiene products you must have 


Shampoos usually come in liquid or gel forms and are made from chemical or organic ingredients. They are important in hair care as they remove dirt and clean the scalp. A bar of regular soap may not be enough to clean our hair because they cannot dissolve dirt materials. However, a shampoo contains surfactants which dissolve the dirt and oily substances from hair follicles and washes them away. 

Dry scalp can result in itchiness and may lead to the development of dandruff and inflammation. Regularly shampooing the hair helps to protect our scalp from drying. Special shampoo formulations include oil-infused ingredients and supplements that can help in the treatment of dry scalps.  


On humid days, it can seem hard to smell fresh all the time. It is normal for our bodies to sweat as it helps in regulating our body temperature and prevents it from overheating. But while we sweat, there is a growth of bacteria under our arms and feet. 

Sweating also leads to body odour, caused by the bacteria on our skin which breaks sweat into acids. Deodorants help in removing the unpleasant odour that our bodies produce due to sweating. They also help in killing these bacteria’s.


Brushing twice a day with good toothpaste can prevent tooth decay, make them look clean and healthy, and ensure fresh breath.

Toothpaste does the job of removing plaque buildup and food scraps stuck on our teeth that could lead to cavities or loss of teeth. They contain fluoride which helps strengthen our teeth enamel and provides additional protection from the acidic environments, which are caused by bacteria’s.If you’re interested in improving the look of your teeth, you can consider teeth bleaching by the Dentist in charlotte.


Soaps play a critical role in our survival as they help fight infections and diseases. Our hands come in contact with several germs, so washing them with soap and water is the easiest way to kill and wash away contiguous materials. 

They work better than hand sanitizers because alcohol-based sanitizer only kills the germs. It doesn’t wipe away the dirt and dead cells from our hands. Soaps not only kill germs but wash away all types of dirt from our skin. Using an automatic hand dryer can ensure that we don’t further contaminate our palms. 

Some soap also hydrates the skin if they include moisturizers and essential oils. Lavender essential oil acts as an antibacterial agent that is good for the skin. 


Tissues include products used in bathrooms such as facial tissues, napkins, paper towels and wipes. These tissue products are disposable after a single-use and help in reducing the spread of bacteria and communicable diseases. They are desirable hygiene products as they come in different forms, in terms of thickness, strength, softness, and comfort. Tissues are also sustainable since they are harvested from wood fiber trees or recycled paper which doesn’t adversely affect the environment. 

Importance of hygiene products 


Poor hygiene can lead to a deterioration in our health. These habits can lead to minor side effects such as body odour and bad skin. Failing to wash our hands frequently could lead to the transfer of bacterias and viruses from our hands to mouth and eyes. This issue leads to a number of illnesses and infections including stomach viruses and pink eyes. Poor oral hygiene can lead to severe health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. To avoid these diseases, it is important to follow good hygiene habits as they are directly related to fewer illnesses and a better lifestyle.


Self-perception is largely driven by our self-esteem. Looking and feeling good can boost our confidence and hence if we practice personal hygiene, we are likely to have a strong self-view.  The more we take care of ourselves, the more we feel a sense of pride in our health and appearance. 

Hygiene improves other aspects of our lives as well. For example, we are likely to give a good first impression if we smell nice and look clean. We may also feel confident while interacting with others in social gatherings. Hygiene can also induce a sense of body positivity amongst those who practice self-care. 


Personal hygiene has often been linked to mental illnesses through several studies. Poor hygiene can be a sign of self-neglect and can often be accompanied by mental or emotional disorders like depression. Poor body image can trigger eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. With regular personal hygiene, we can increase our overall mental well being and reduce chances of developing mental illnesses. Aside from that, consulting a professional is also another treatment options for anorexia nervosa.


We have witnessed a rise in need for hygiene in the past few months due to the COVID19 pandemic. More and more people have started practising good personal hygiene for public health safety. As responsible citizens of the world, we too should partake in the avoidance of spreading the deadly virus. 

We must maintain hygienic and healthy environments in our homes, offices, schools, and other public spaces. By regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces such as taps, door handles, elevator buttons, we can curb the spread of the virus as these surfaces are constantly touched by everyone. Sneezing and coughing etiquettes such as wearing a mask, using handkerchiefs, and covering our faces are vital for maintaining ours as well as others’ personal hygiene. Avoiding physical contact and keeping social distancing measures can help us maintain good health. 


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