What is woke bingo and is it a real thing?

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carl raw hv4jH7B U8Y unsplash 1

Over the years there have been countless cultural shifts in thought, however in recent history it seems as though this fact is getting more and more prominent. A lot of this is down to the new world of social media and online connectivity, things that make it far easier for certain arguments or concepts to gain traction. One of the best examples of this in the 21st century is the trend towards “woke” arguments, something that has kick-started somewhat of a culture war in recent times – also try Cash of Kingdoms Slots. 

Both sides of this culture war have their problems, and it is usually older people being pitted against the young generation who are trying to change things about the cultural status quo. Funnily enough, this culture war has even infected the bingo world, with people either moaning or praising a new thing called “woke bingo”. But what is woke bingo, and is it a real thing? Read on to find out.  

About the term “woke” 

Before we even get into the world of woke bingo the first thing we are going to discuss is the term “woke”. For the younger generation this term will be quite well known, however it is yet to fully make the jump to older generations. In essence, the term woke is something used by people to describe a new set of cultural beliefs, often revolving around equality, kindness and identity politics. 

It all sounds pretty good and nice, right? And the truth is that woke politics is ultimately a force for good in the long run. The problem, however, is when certain people let things go out of hand with the “woke” philosophy, and this is where it can cause a rift with other members of the public. 

What is woke bingo? 

Right then, so what is woke bingo? In many ways the concept of woke bingo actually echoes what we said about people taking the woke philosophy and letting it go somewhat out of hand. Most people will be familiar with the age-old classic British bingo calls like “two fat ladies”, or “knock at the door”, and this is where the concept of woke bingo centres on. 

For some people the classic bingo calls can apparently be rather offensive, and so in woke bingo they are all changed to be, well, more woke. As a result some people play bingo with a completely different set of calls that are kinder. 

Does woke bingo really exist? 

Let’s be honest, the concept of woke bingo is a bit ridiculous, so it can be tempting to wonder whether or not it actually exists. One thing is certain here, there are people who have exaggerated the existence of woke bingo in order to further their own cultural attacks on the “woke generation”, however it does also exist, just not in many places. 

A few examples of woke bingo calls 

Here are a few examples of woke bingo calls: 

·         “Two fat ladies” is now “Wills and Kate”.

·         “Time for tea” is now “gluten-free”.


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