Where does a redheaded blackbelt live?

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thao le hoang yYSY93clr4w unsplash

A Redheaded Black belt is an unheard of person. What does that mean? The traditional belt colors are black, brown, or red. 

A redheaded person has the reddish-brown hair that is typically associated with someone who enjoys long walks on the beach and firework shows at night during autumn months.

However, this individual’s skills include martial arts. A redheaded martial artist has red hair that is rooted in the same place as the rest of his or her body.

 The individual’s head may have a red tinge to it, but its presence is not noticeable, especially if one were to wear a black belt.

This article will begin with the definition of a redheaded black belt. It will then examine examples of these folks, what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

red headed blackbelt

The term “redheaded black belt” is often used in the martial arts world to refer to an individual who is wearing a black belt, but whose hair is red.

 This suggests that this individual’s hair color was somehow the result of their martial arts training.

One popular example of a redheaded black belt is Ronda Rousey. 

She had long brown hair prior to her mixed martial arts career, but transitioned into more of a redhead following her first MMA bout in 2008.

 She has adopted more of the redheaded look over time, and she has also sported various wigs on occasion.

Some of the places where red headed black belts live :

1.  Egypt . 

Egypt has a beautiful sandy beach that attracts many tourists each year, but it also attracts many redheaded black belts that arrive for training sessions on the beach or in the desert at night, with their red hair hidden by black headgear. 

This is because it is believed that this kind of training will improve one’s ability to attack while remaining unseen, which is something that an opponent would not be able to get used to over time.

 It also improves flexibility and balance, which are important for martial artists who are trying to perfect their craft.

2.  India . 

India is a beautiful place, with a lot of natural beauty and some downright amazing monuments to make a trip worthwhile. 

However, these redheaded black belts can often be found in secluded areas of the country that are not on the standard tourist itinerary. 

They’re also found atop mountains or in caves, working away on their skills while wearing black headgear.

3.  Iran . 

Iran is known for its natural beauty and its rich culture. It is also known for being a place where redheaded martial artists have enrolled in training programs following military service obligations where they have honed their skills and learned how to fight while remaining unseen by opponents. 

These redheaded black belts can be found training in the deserts or at night in their favorite parks after dark, practicing their moves and improving one another’s skills.

4.  South Korea . 

South Korea is a cold and beautiful Asian country with a colorful history and many great traditions. 

Not far from the historical tourist attractions of Seoul and other cities sits a mountain where redheaded martial artists take to the slopes at night to practice their moves. 

They travel up the mountain on the ground as well as through elevators, taking advantage of everything that’s available to them as they hone their skills, such as pushing boulders down the mountainside that they can then strike for additional training.

5.  Mongolia . 

Mongolia is a beautiful place that offers plenty of natural beauty, unlike the deserts and mountains where some redheaded black belts live.

 However, they too live outside in parks and forests, making use of all the natural resources available to them as they train their skills. 

They sometimes travel on horseback as well, but they wear black headgear during training.

6.  Philippines . 

The Philippines has a colorful history and many sights that make it worth a visit for tourists looking to see interesting things—and there are some amazing ancient structures and ancient burial grounds to see as well. 

However, these redheaded black belts travel to the nearby mountains where they train in the mountains at night. 

They travel on their own for this training, but they wear black headgear to hide their hair during training sessions.

7.  France . 

France is home to some of the greatest cities in Europe, with Paris being a city that many travelers go to see so they can experience a little bit of culture and history during their vacation time. 

However, a significant number of redheaded black belts have found a way to take advantage of all the natural beauty and historical landmarks available without going too far from home.


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