Why cybersecurity is a golden career for students?

career for students
career for students

All studies, from the past and recent years, have indicated, to a crystal clear extent, that if there is one industry that is booming thanks to the digitisation of the globe, it is cybersecurity. The facts from the studies have not been hidden, which makes you wonder why so many people are overlooking this gold mine and continuing to choose careers that are outdated or will be outdated, by machines, in a few more years. But enough dwelling over why others are doing what they are doing. The important thing is: What does this mean for you? How does this information help you?

Number 1: Know the facts

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics had predicted a staggering 32% growth in hiring for the Cybersecurity job roles in the decade after 2018. NASSCOM reported that India would demand 1 million cyber security professionals by 2020. Job portals have indicated a rise of 150-300 percent in the demand for cybersecurity roles, as compared to any other IT job role. MNCs like KPMG have doubled their cybersecurity team size in the past years. And these facts are merely scratching the surface. If you were to go and research on your own, you will find plenty of credible and trustworthy studies that will tell you this: Cybersecurity is the FUTURE. And if you know anything about strategy and business, you will agree that an untapped market is a treasure chest for early investors. 

Not to mention that during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, as the world is seeing many businesses and professions go out of business, cybersecurity is, in fact, going the opposite direction. As the world turns to online platforms for social life, services and business meetings, the cyber world is experiencing a major population boom of the century. More cyber citizens mean more cyber attacks, which means more cybersecurity officers in demand. Thus, more students being attracted towards the bestselling certification in cybersecurity: Certified ethical hacker certification.

Number 2: Identify the opportunity

All the above facts and studies have informed you of the massive demand that the cybersecurity world is currently facing, but what about the supply? Do you know that there is a horrifying skill gap in this market that is costing companies and netizens not just their money, but their privacy as well. When the likes of Fortune 500 companies face cyber attacks, you are forced to look the skill gap in the eye and address it as a critical problem. 

But guess what? The gaping skill gap in the cybersecurity job market is not just a problem, but also an opportunity if you choose to look from another angle. Haven’t you learned in economics? When demand outstrips supply, the price rises. And there’s your opportunity. Employers are ready to pay more than the usual salary to fill their vacant cybersecurity positions. And this is not just the case with small and medium companies. Even large, global corporations are ready to acquire cybersecurity talent, no matter the extra cost. And thanks to all those people overlooking this gold mine, you get rewarded if you jump in the pool. Before cybersecurity becomes a common name in college cafeterias and university dorms, you need to carpe diem and see what’s up for grabs here. This is the golden time for students to make their way up career ladders in cybersecurity professions in a monetary satisfying way. Not only are cybersecurity professionals paid more than their IT counterparts but they are also more valued as an organisational asset since they hold the digital forts in place. 

Number 3: Carpe Diem

This doesn’t need much saying, but here you go: This is time to seize the opportunity. Go ahead and choose cybersecurity. There are plenty of exciting courses like the CHFI course to invest in and learn from. Go on, do some research and try it out. Your future self will thank you for grabbing this golden opportunity.


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