Why was Ichigo able to see spirits?

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aaron cass GJuhDRbMj7g unsplash

Ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits because he is a soul reaper, who are the only ones allowed to see them. However, Ichigo is not able to see the spirits of other people.

 A lot of people are asking why Ichigo can see spirits, but all I can say is that he’s a soul reaper. As for why he is the only one who can see them, it’s because he has some kind of connection with them since they are his zanpakuto’s spirit.”

Ichigo can see spiritual energy. Zanpakutou spirits manifest in spiritual form, and they become visible to people with the ability to see spiritual energy. Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit is his shadow.

 It is because of this that he has the ability to see spirits. Ichigo doesn’t see the spirits of every zanpakuto, only the ones whose owners are still alive, and their shadows.

 He can’t see spirits that have died previously; however, he can always know when a spirit’s owner has died by looking at their aura and seeing their soul-energy disappear.”

How  ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction :

1. Because Ichigo is a soul reaper.

2. Because he had more than one opportunity to see spirits, and each time they told him not to look at them.

3. He was half hollow and half soul reaper, so he can see both soul reapers and hollows. Since soul reaper’s Zanpakuto is part of their life as well as their soul, it makes sense as to why he could interact with them as such.

4. He has his mother’s power which allows him to break down barriers around zanpakuto spirits, allowing him to see them the way normal soul reapers do.

5. He is able to see them because he has always had an unusually high spirit pressure. He can see hollows because of this, but he is unable to see other soul reapers.

6. Soul reapers have spiritual pressure that makes them appear invisible to normal humans. This spiritual pressure evolved because of the hollow threat, so that they could fight against them without being seen. 

Since Ichigo is half spirit, half human, this spiritual pressure does not work on him as it does with other Soul Reapers.

7. Ichigo because of his high spirit pressure was able to see spirits before he even knew he had a zanpakuto. 

So his abilities are based around mastering his inner hollow. this makes his abilities different from a normal soul reaper.

8. Ichigo has a unique spiritual pressure that allows him to see spirits, but it is not the only explanation. 

Since Hichigo was in him he gave him some spirit abilities where he can also see spirits outside of his zanpakuto including other people. 

When ichigo lost his powers he may have gotten them back since when he was in hueco mundo, even though ichigo had Ashido’s power in him this doesn’t mean that ashido’s spirit power is all that strong in ichigo. 

The reason why Ichigo can see spirits is because he is a soul reaper and he has a strong spirit pressure which allows him to see spiritually and physically.

9. The first time Ichigo saw his sword spirit (Zangetsu) he was possessed by his inner hollow. That’s why he was able to see him.

 After that, everytime Zangetsu talked to him, Ichigo was fully conscious and could hear him.

10. Because zanpakuto spirits are made from the souls of the shinigami/soul reapers who wield them, it stands to reason that only those possessing “soul reaper” souls could talk with them.

11. Ichigo can see spirits, because he has high spirit pressure, not only the other soul reapers are able to see spirits but also Ichigo can see them. I think it’s because he is also a half hollow spirit.

12. When Ichigo became a shinigami Ichigo was able to see his zanpakuto spirit because he became a half-spirit.

 However, when he lost his powers in battle with Byakuya, Ichigo also lost the ability to see zanpakuto spirits, just like any other human without spiritual power.

13. Ichigo has the ability to see spirits because he is a soul reaper. He can see other souls but not other humans. He saw his own because he thought it was his zanpakuto the first time he saw it, but now that he’s able to see other people’s zanpakuto spirits he knows it wasn’t.

 Plus, being a soul reaper gives you spiritual pressure which makes you invisible to normal humans so they wouldn’t be able to see you unless you made yourself visible.

14. Ichigo was always able to see zanpakuto spirits, but he had forgotten or was not even aware of it. Ichigo’s unique spiritual pressure probably contributed to his ability to see spirits.”


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