Why was ichigo able to see zanpakuto spirits?

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One day, Ichigo was playing baseball with his friends. When he threw the ball, it hit some branches and bounced back to him.

 He then noticed that one of the tree branches had moved like a human arm and was holding the ball. 

He nodded at it as an indication that he understood what had happened before running after it with another handful of balls.

 When he threw them this time, they hit nothing but air and landed on the ground right in front of him. 

Then he noticed that the tree branches were now moving as if it was a hand, grabbing the balls.

Ichigo then made a clicking sound with his tongue as if to say “I get it now.” As he continued to play, he remembered waking up with a strange girl staring at him from his bed.

 Even though she was a girl, she seemed quite masculine and seemed to be very capable of handling herself in a fight.

 She had green hair and blue eyes and was wearing a white kimono over a black yukata with green trimmings.

 She then said her name was Orihime Inoue before introducing him to Tatsuki Arisawa, who is also involved with spirits.

He had recently gotten into a fight with another boy and ended up with a black eye. He was becoming friends with this strange guy and his sister, but those were the only two people he could see.

 One day, they were walking down the street when they saw a large dog about to be hit by a car. Without thinking, Ichigo yelled out and ran after it just as it was about to get hit and pushed it out of the way. 

Later on, they find that all of them and ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction

roaming around everywhere — even though they were invisible to other people — and they fight against them every time one messes with someone or something that didn’t deserve it.

Reasons why Ichigo was able to see Zanpakuto spirits?

1.They are alive spirits. They have a spirit or soul and their feelings, thoughts, anger and sadness are the same as those who have passed on.

2.They can see spirit from a distance from how pretty they look or how creepy looking they are.

3.He felt bad after knowing that he got hit because of a spirit he couldn’t see, therefore making them his enemy. 

He felt guilty for not having enough powers to fight against them and wanting to help everyone who was going through the same problems he had been going through until now.

4.They can also see spirits because of how sensitive they are. 

They can feel and sense their presence and once they see it, they will try to protect both the person and the thing that is being targeted by the spirit.

5.They may be able to see it because of their strong sense of smell and hearing which enables them not to sleep all night and focus on what is going on at that place or time.

6. Their dreams or because their nature as a shinigami makes them go into a trance state during which they experience things that happened in reality as if it was happening in real life.

7.They have a strong spiritual power because they were scouted by a shinigami, which was a higher spirit who would send souls to the afterlife.

8. They have been growing up with spirits surrounding them and may have had already bonded with some of them or had become friends with some of them.

9.They don’t really care that it is happening because they believe that spirits are actually good and wouldn’t hurt anyone if it wasn’t for a reason. 

They also think that all the things they do are part of their training to become a shinigami, so therefore everything is allowed or accepted by them no matter what happens or who gets hurt because of it.

10. They want to help people in distress and they want to be a good shinigami who cares about everyone.

11.Some spirits have been there for a while because Ichigo actually knew their spirit name and allowed them to stay with him. 

They just pretend not to know what the other is doing and not to see them at all, but in reality they can see each other from time to time when it is convenient for both of them.

12.It is something they can’t control because the spirits usually control them and would only show themselves when they want to.

They are strong-willed enough to keep spirits away from them by not allowing themselves to see any of them. 

They can also see some of them because of how powerful they are that anyone or anything can’t stand against it or anything else for that matter when it is around.


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