Why You’ll Definitely Want to Read More About David Giuntoli


If you’re a fan of the NBC show “Grimm,” then you know David Giuntoli son of mary giuntoli – he plays Nick Burkhardt, a detective with the Portland Police Department who discovers his family has been charged with keeping peace between humanity and creatures from Grimm Fairy Tales.

As it turns out, you may have not seen the last of him yet. As is often the case in Hollywood nowadays, there are talks of reboots or revamps to this successful television series.

1. Having Fun and Getting Paid

Giuntoli’s role on “Grimm” is not his first time as an actor; in fact, he has been acting for many years, such as on the television shows “Privileged” and “TRU.” He has also acted in guest roles on popular shows such as “Supernatural,” and the more recent series, “The Last Ship.”

This particular role is pretty different from his others. The fact that Nick is a supernatural creature himself – a Grimm Fairy Tale creature – allows him to explore all sorts of interesting things that he just couldn’t do within the confines of other roles.

2. Making It and Being a Star

Giuntoli may be a small-town boy from Maine, but he knows how to make it big as an actor in Hollywood. This is thanks to the years and years of hard work he has dedicated to achieve this level of success. He cast himself as Nick Burkhardt, and immediately developed an entire history for this character – complete with flashbacks and future adventures – which led directly into “Grimm: The Enemy Within” season two.

“I’ve had some incredible opportunities through acting that have afforded me many great things,” David Giuntoli said about his impressive career. “I’m still in the very early stages of my career, and I plan to continue to build on what has been created so far.”

3. Acting As Himself

As we mentioned earlier, Giuntoli has been acting for many years. There are a number of times where he has turned his talents to acting as himself, including two episodes of “ER,” three episodes of “Law & Order: SVU,” and two episodes of “CSI: NY.” He has also appeared in guest roles on many other shows, such as “General Hospital,” “Criminal Minds,” and “The Event.”

4. Kicking Ass and Not Taking Names

Giuntoli has done more than just work on a number of television shows; he has also acquired an impressive resume in movies as well. His roles in movies include appearances in “I Love You Too, Man,” as well as “The Marine 3: Homefront,” which is a sequel to his first movie role. He did a lot more on the big screen such as “3 Lies & A Prayer,” “Saving Grace,” and “10 Reasons Why.”

5. Being Frugal and Saving Money

For Giuntoli, it all started with saving money – ever since he was young. When he was younger, he had a job and always made sure to save money for himself. When the time came for him to head off to college, his savings paid his way through.

6. The Future Is Bright

“I think [it is] being able to create new opportunities, being able to do different things, different mediums that weren’t there prior,” said David Giuntoli about the future of acting. “I think it’s all the new technology that is coming online and allowing us as storytellers and actors to explore new audiences and new worlds, so I don’t know what it holds. But I hope that there are many more great things ahead.”

7. The Sound of Success

If you ever watch “Grimm” on NBC, you may know that David Giuntoli voices the character of Nick Burkhardt in all of the promos. When asked about why he decided to create this memorable sound for the show, he explained that it was an idea that came to him when they were putting together the first TV spot.

8. Keeping It in the Family

Giuntoli is no stranger to family-oriented projects – not only does he have a family himself, but he performs alongside his brother James as well as his sister Christine on Grimm. His father was also a fireman for almost thirty years, so every day wasn’t spent sitting around eating bon bons and watching reality television. They were always out there doing something productive.

9. Getting to Know the Fans

When he is not busy with his acting job or other projects, Giuntoli spends time with his wife and son – and his wife’s Etsy shop. She has a phenomenal talent for crafting custom-made jewelry, so it makes sense that he would take advantage of her talents and order a few pieces for himself!

10. Letting the Talent Do the Talking

Giuntoli has an incredible passion for acting. Whether he is working as an actor or playing as Nick Burkhardt on “Grimm,” you can tell that this passion comes from within him, making him one of the most talented people in Hollywood today.


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