Yes, you can buy beautiful diamonds on a budget!

Diamond Fluorescence is A Crucial Buying Factor BANGLE
Diamond Fluorescence is A Crucial Buying Factor BANGLE

Buying gorgeous diamonds on a budget may sound like an oxymoron; the contradictions are evident! However, most of us are looking for a stunning piece of bling without burning a hole in our pockets. The daunting process of buying diamonds within a budget can be quite effortless when you invest in information and research beforehand. Diamonds are generally marketed as rare; however, the reality is quite different. This abundance can guide you to a beautiful diamond within your price range, if you know the strategy of effectively leveraging the cardinal 4Cs of Colour, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.  

The ideal shape of your diamond

Though often used interchangeably, a diamond’s cut and its shape are two different things. The cut of a diamond refers to its facet arrangement and its shape refers to the stone’s general silhouette. World over, the round-shaped brilliant cut diamond enjoys huge popularity. But, if budget is your primary concern, exploring fashionable fancy shaped diamonds is a good idea. A lovely oval shaped diamond will save you as much 30% when compared to a round diamond of identical quality. An asscher diamond of comparable features will save you nearly 40% by comparison.

Clarity is crucial when it comes to cost

The value and subsequent price of a diamond is determined by its clarity. Internal inclusions and outward blemishes mar the lustre and radiance of a diamond and lowers its price. However, most of these flaws are invisible to the naked eye and any noticeable flaws can often be covered up by the setting. A helpful budget buying tip is to avoid the trap of higher clarity grades. A diamond with slight inclusions can cost an astounding 30% less when compared to a flawless diamond. These inclusions are only distinguishable under magnification.

Smaller carat weight translates into lower cost

the jewel box singapore Luminex Diamond Collar Necklace NE0973 750x606 1
the jewel box singapore Luminex Diamond Collar Necklace NE0973 750×606 1

If a large carat weight is your singular goal, buying a praiseworthy diamond within a budget can be virtually impossible. Unless, of course, you are ready to sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity. The visual size of a diamond is decided by its precise measurements of width, length and diameter and not just its weight. The popular weights of half carat or one carat also typically fetch a premium. Simply by staying just below these precise weights, you will be able to save a sizable amount of money.

Invest in perfect diamond cut

After you have made some necessary concessions on the other three Cs, it is critical that you invest in a diamond with an excellent cut. The cut bestows the finest qualities in a diamond – its exceptional sparkle, fire, glorious scintillation, and eye-catching brilliance. Whether small or large, a diamond is distinguished by, and appreciated for, its sheer sparkle. A superior cut grade elevates a diamond to a whole new level of radiance and exclusivity.

Decide on realistic price points

If you want to buy diamond jewellery, the cost is certainly a concern. However, a realistic price range will help you choose the best option available within your price bracket. Extremely low prices on bargain deals may not deliver an original diamond, but alternatively, choosing an extravagant price point may leave you indebted. So buy the best diamond you can afford in your price range.


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