Editorial Policy

Here at MSZG News, we provide a quality of content to our readers. To ensure the quality of content, we associate with emerging writers and storytellers around the world. They create different stories to us concerning the interest of readers, and we publish them accordingly. We make our contract with writers according to the editorial policies. The editing unit can reject the article if they don’t feel that the writer is working according to the procedures.

  • Only the valuable material must be included in the section because the targeted readers are entrepreneurs. We don’t want to waste their time making them read non-informational articles.ยท

  • A team of editors is responsible for the publishing of articles or news on the official website. The editing team possesses every right to reject the work without providing reason and explanation to the writer because of our company policies.

  • We ask our writers to work on the stories and information with a relevant base of authentication. We aim to maintain the reputation of consistent and reliable content for our readers.

  • Our articles target a set of audiences that intend to seek information from it. The targeted audience is not a typical audience but budding entrepreneurs who read the articles to explore benefits from the drafted policies. The writer needs to complete the research before writing the essay and verify the content from reliable sources.

  • The editing team’s every decision regarding the content is stated final, and no one has any right to question them. If the team finds out anything violating the rules, they can directly reject the article, and they are not accountable for their decision.

  • There must be no promotion of any kind in the content created for the website. The company does not want the writer to publish unbiased content about any product, company, and individual. As we intend to provide quality based original content irrespective of promotion of any kind so that our clients get a unique and informative value for time information.

  • The writers are not allowed to assert any wrong claims regarding the data while writing the Finance and Business based news. Our clients do not entertain the false claims over data, so the writers are advised to thoroughly examine the data in context with the reliable sources before posting. In Finance and Business related articles, we ask our writers to provide the source of analytics to check the data. The writer must include pictures, graphs, and screenshots as evidence for the claims.

  • We use Copyspace and other plagiarism finder tools to verify the authenticity of the content. Our writers are bound to publish articles that are written exclusively by them. They can use the available material on the internet for context buy must not copy it. We want our writers only to provide the articles which are never published before because we tend to deliver the content which is valuable for readers.

We believe in the originality of content and ask our writers to send only the content from reliable sources.