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What Does LYL Mean? a brief explanation

Laughing Out Loud is a phrase associated with the display of loud, audible laughter. what does lyl mean when texting It is used in contexts such as on social...
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Laugh out loud: the most viral dank relationship memes

When a couple goes through a rough patch, the internet goes wild for this comic book-style photoshop.  "Dank meme" is a genre of comic book memes that has captured...
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The variant relationship facets between a book and a television

The television has continued to provide entertainment for many people over the years.  When compared with the book, there are many differences that are created in how these two...
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10 Amp Service Wire: Upgrade Your Electrical Meter & Panel

If you're like me and don't like having to wait for power outages caused by overloaded circuits,  replacing your electrical panel with an updated one would help ensure that...
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Which chair does Mama Murphy want?

The Mama Murphy ArmchThe question of which chair Mama Murphy wants has been debated by many.  But the pro-dad, pro-chair crowd seems to be in the minority.
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The Hidden Mystery Behind Frame Story

Picture this: you’re watching a show on TV, but the protagonist is talking to you.  You think to yourself, “I must be missing something this time”, but the protagonist...
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How Bradbury Create Irony In His Story The Pedestrian ?

Bradbury creates irony in " The Pedestrian" by representing a younger,  naive man who falls into a world that is much different from the one he has left behind.
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Which of these story ideas would be considered gothic writing ?

Goths are people who enjoy the dark arts, horror, and macabre literature.  Goth writing is typically characterized by its descriptive style, use of supernatural elements, and focus on issues...
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Holiday Sleep Tips You Need To Know

Sleep is considered very important to survive. Without proper rest, the body cannot function well, which would make survival difficult. At times, we don't get enough sleep due to some disease or...
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Signs That a Guy Likes You

There's something really special about that first phase of falling in love. There's an innocence, giddiness and excitement. There are a lot of butterflies, long phone calls and romantic dates. In the...
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