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10 Rules About NEWS CHANNEL Meant To Be Broken

The news channel that promised to provide a human angle- what could go wrong? After being bombarded by footage of disasters and then many developmentalists believe that one sign of mental health...
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10 Ways To Get Through To Your NEWS CHANNEL

How do you get through to a news channel? Of course, you could shout; which is normally not advisable in a public place. You can also make a complaint via the government...

Understanding The Background Of Media

The messages communicated by the media have always been a puzzle to those who believe that their responsibility is to offer an unbiased view from their own perspective. Unsurprisingly, the media's portrayal...

How Will Rumor Mill Reading Room Be In The Future?

Rumor mill is one of the most interesting and innovative websites of its time. It has brought up a lot of questions with the content provided by their users. Now, let us...

An Expert Interview About Rickey Stokes

Interview with Rickey stokes about news website: We are so thankful for the constant help from Rickey Stokes, an online news website that has been in operation since...

Fact Check: 5 Common Misconceptions About Journalists

Millions of people share billions of pieces of information every day on social media and yet the practice is plagued by misinformation. Bloggers, commentators, and anyone with a valuable opinion – we...

How to Achieve Your Journalists Goals in 2022

Although many people have faith in journalism and believe that the field will be around for a long time, it’s beginning to show signs of age. People are turning away from print...
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The Hidden Mystery Behind Frame Story

Picture this: you’re watching a show on TV, but the protagonist is talking to you.  You think to yourself, “I must be missing something this time”, but the protagonist...
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How Bradbury Create Irony In His Story The Pedestrian ?

Bradbury creates irony in " The Pedestrian" by representing a younger,  naive man who falls into a world that is much different from the one he has left behind.
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Which of these story ideas would be considered gothic writing ?

Goths are people who enjoy the dark arts, horror, and macabre literature.  Goth writing is typically characterized by its descriptive style, use of supernatural elements, and focus on issues...