How Bradbury Create Irony In His Story The Pedestrian ?

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Bradbury creates irony in ” The Pedestrian” by representing a younger, 

naive man who falls into a world that is much different from the one he has left behind.

 In this story, Bradbury illustrates how his protagonist is unaware of what exactly he has gotten himself into.

 The way the protagonist walks around and sees nothing but a world full of darkness will eventually change

 due to his higher understanding as he gains knowledge from those around him. 

This change in his perspective of the world will lead to a realization of the irony in the way he is treated.

This concept of a man who is unaware of how he is being perceived by those around him reveals a subtle tone of irony. 

Through his innocent perspective,

 Bradbury tells a story that allows him to make statements about race and social class without beating around the bush.

 The protagonist’s naivety about his surroundings makes him think everything is as

 it should be, but as time passes he begins to realize that what he sees has been affected by circumstances that are out his control.

 This realization eventually leads him to resent those who have been exploiting him all along because of his lack of vision and understanding.

In the beginning, this man accepts what he sees as reality.

 But when he begins to have interactions with the people in the story, his perspective of everything around him changes.

 One major example of how society has been using him for their own gain is when he is being picked up by a cab in Harlem 

 the black man behind the wheel is treated poorly just because he is a “white boy.”

 He feels bad for this man and gives him a dollar tip,

 but later on discovers that dollar was not a great tip after all because it is used to pay off a bet at a local bar.

That dollar becomes a symbol of all the wrongs done to him throughout the story.

 He realizes that he has been exploited because he is not aware of many things, including himself.

 After seeing how others treat him, his perception of the world changes.

 He starts to see the irony in everything around him. 

When he realizes this, his attitude towards those who have been treating him unfairly changes as well. 

The protagonist becomes angry with those who are taking advantage of people like him.

 He realises through his experience with others

 that life is full of irony and symbolic occurrences which can change your life completely depending on how you perceive it.

This story shows how our surroundings create meaning for us so we will always have an idea about what surrounds us.

The protagonist realizes that he has been living in a world of irony.

 He is confused about how others treat him and blames them for the misfortune and bad treatment he has received.

 He wants to use his new found knowledge and experience 

to make himself seem more significant by standing up for those who cannot help themselves. 

This man is no longer naive; instead, he is wiser and better understanding of what life is like beyond his own small view of reality.

The way Bradbury creates such an ironic tone through this man’s eyes shows just how cleverly he writes.

As the protagonist gains more knowledge and comes to realize the nature of his surroundings, 

he begins to resent those who have been exploiting him.

 He feels as though he has made an important discovery and wants to use it as a way to lash out at those who have taken advantage of him.

 This change of attitude is a result of an unfortunate event that happens in his life after he realizes how ironic it is.

 Discovering the irony in the story ultimately changes his perception on how he had been treated, 

and therefore changes his actions and perception of others around him.

From the personal point of view.

I was inspired by this short story after reading it for the first time.

 I had no idea how much it’s effects would be changed and impact on me.

 It is a piece of work that has had a lasting effect on me and my life, 

 I wanted to share my experience with others who may find this story as powerful as I did. 

This is the reason why I am writing this article;

 to keep the memory of such a unique and beautiful story alive for others to read and learn from.

It’s ironic, that a story that has such a profound meaning to me, has such an impact on me; and I felt it was my duty to tell this story.

 It is metaphorical and ironic in it’s own way. It has spoken to me in ways few stories have even spoken to me before.

 I view myself as an open book and when writing this article

 I wanted to expose the pieces of myself that

 I love and cherish in hopes others would begin to see them in their own lives and take lessons from them.

I am sharing this with you because you may draw the same conclusions or learn from these pieces of work,

 that your life will change when you realize the truth behind 


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