Simple Ways to Make Your Child’s Space Their Own

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When decorating your child’s bedroom or playroom, there’s certainly a lot to consider. Color schemes, decorations, layout, and many other factors must be considered. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind what your child enjoys and in which they find motivation. This is, after all, a room in which they will be spending much of their time.

Want to ensure your kid is proud of and eager to spend time playing in their room? Then try out these tips as you renovate or redecorate your child’s room.

Take Them Paint Shopping

One of the quickest and simplest ways to update any room is to apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and trim. To help make your kid’s space is all their own, it’s a great idea to take them paint shopping to look at different color schemes. Now, some kids may not have the best eye for interior design. But allowing them to choose their room colors will go a long way in helping them feel excited about their new space.

If you have concerns about a massive color clash because your child is the type to choose green walls with red trim, then perhaps a compromise is in order. Allow them to choose from different options for the primary wall color; then, you can pick a few trim color swatches for them to choose from. Ultimately, they’ll be satisfied if they are involved in the process, and the color scheme includes their input.

Personalize Some Decorative Gifts

What better way to make your child feel happy and at home in their space than to decorate it with something that’s personalized? If you save your child’s artwork, as most parents do, you can take a piece they’re particularly proud of and put it into a nice, personalized frame. Indeed, a simple gesture like this reinforces how much you enjoy their art, which is sure to put a smile on their face. Not to mention, having their artwork beautifully framed and hung up will make them feel right at home in their space.

Another great idea for their bedroom is to have some pillows made with their name on them. For example, if you and your child are interested in something even more fun and bold, you could even have a pillow design featuring their face. Or maybe they have a favorite pet whose portrait they would love to have on their pillow.

Whatever you choose, it will surely help make your child’s space feel like their own if you allow them to help you choose some of these decorative personalized gifts for their bedroom or playroom.

Choose a Character Theme

Every child tends to have a favorite cartoon character or two. While some kids may find Elmo amusing, others may have a favorite Paw Patrol character. Whatever your child’s interest may be, a sure way to get them feeling eager to spend time in their own space is to choose some décor that features their favorite characters. This is a simple way to make them feel like the area is their own.

You, of course, may not want to go as far as hanging Mickey Mouse wallpaper, but there are plenty of character-themed decoration ideas that are low effort and highly effective. For example, you can pick out bedding, posters, temporary stickers, and table lamps featuring your child’s favorite Disney or Marvel character. And because you can buy these items at a low cost, they can eventually be replaced when your child grows into their next phase.

Simply Keep Your Child Involved

These tips should be a solid starting point to make your child’s space feel like their own. Of course, one important thing to remember is to let them be involved in the process. Even though you, as the parent, have the final say on which ideas make the cut, it’s still essential to, in some way, incorporate a version of your child’s vision into the final design. After all, if you want them to be comfortable spending time in this room, it’s best that it’s as close to what they want as possible.


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