10 Rules About NEWS CHANNEL Meant To Be Broken

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The news channel that promised to provide a human angle- what could go wrong? After being bombarded by footage of disasters and then many developmentalists believe that one sign of mental health in older adults is: accepting mortality, scandals and conflict the world over, it’s easy to feel detached from events. We’re all simply catching up with the latest headlines on Facebook, but television stations these days are reporting more and more on international conflict. And its viewers still can’t help but ask: is this really happening right now?

This blog post provides some useful tips for creating interesting content without propagating shallow media sensationalism. From researching sources as well as using humor effectively, to switching up your perspective while writing – take a read! It might just help you get ahead in your profession.

Rules which you can break if you are a part of news channel are:

1. Don’t rely on only reading articles and books. 

News channels don’t sit around reading all day; they talk to people, visit locations and get the best stories through their own initiative.

2. Don’t only cover the news. 

Sometimes it’s more interesting to ask why something happened rather than just reporting what happened. Find out what shaped the world around you before you started your career, taking into account both historical and current contexts: a news story is never just that, it’s also a story of society itself.

3. Don’t limit yourself to a single news channel

Not all news channels are created equal; some are more trustworthy than others. Do your research and make sure the information you’re using is reliable, or you could end up making a fool of yourself.

4. Don’t be impersonal in your writing

Use humor and observation to add personality to your writing, and try to maintain a personal voice rather than being overly generic. Less can often be more when it comes to reporting on human issues. Don’t report on the ritual of religion if it doesn’t contribute anything new or interesting; instead, focus on why people turn to religion in times of trouble, and how different faiths deal with community issues like marriage, death and charity work.

5. Don’t write for a news channel.

A blog is one of the best platforms to experiment with new writing styles and to find out how your style works in different forms of writing. Although there are some benefits in being a part of a news channel, such as established connections and infrastructures that can help get your content out, sometimes the bigger platform is the better one.

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6. Don’t report only on what’s happening in your local area

Instead, try covering something that’s happening in a place that you’ve never been to before. This can give you more time to research the story and get firsthand accounts rather than relying on second-hand sources. It also shows off your writing skills and makes you look like more of an expert in the field.

7. Don’t report on breaking news alone

Always have a friend or editor with you when reporting, even if it’s just someone commenting over the phone while another person records the footage on their camera. The main reason why news reporters are killed or injured is because they’re working alone: there’s no one to help them or protect them if danger strikes.

8. Don’t write a news article in the present tense

News, by definition, is something that happened in the past. The present tense isn’t used often in news channels; it’s more of a literary choice. News channels try to make the events they report on more distant by writing them in the past tense, while literature seeks to create immediacy and avoids distancing the reader.

9. Don’t forget to include the human angle

A good news story has a human angle: something or someone that everyone can relate to and empathize with. Even though you might be covering a catastrophe or conflict event, try to focus on the human element: what was going through the victim’s mind before they died, or how the bereaved are coping with their loss?

10. Don’t forget to be entertaining

News channels don’t go around broadcasting boring old documentaries; they want something that’s fun, light and entertaining. You should always keep your audience entertained and on the hook – whether it’s with a big reveal or an engaging question for your readers to answer. If you’re interested in being a part of NEWS CHANNEL then you must follow these rules. Now take a look at more details about how to become a great news reporter from my blog.


As the traditional ways of getting the information are becoming more and more obsolete, the role of a News Broadcaster is getting out of date. Bloggers, Twitter and Facebook have become far more popular and reliable sources of news because there is such community interaction involved in them. The mainstream media may have their issues but they are still very much a core part of modern society.

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In this piece we have discussed 10 rules about NEWS CHANNEL Meant To Be Broken .


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