10 Best Riddles for Kids and Adults

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simone secci 49uySSA678U unsplash

Riddles can get a little dull when too many of them are asked in a row. 

And the ones that come from riddle books get old, because no matter how clever they are, 

there’s only so many of them that one person can handle. 

And if you run out of riddles to ask, it’s time for a change. But what should you do instead?

This list is here to help! Here are ten surefire riddles guaranteed to entertain adults and kids alike. 

None of them have been printed in any book, and they’re all clever and easy to remember, so we guarantee you’ll like them.

For the kids who like riddles:

 What is the word that rhymes with number 5 but stinks? Answer: numby. And if you think it’s a silly question, you’re not alone. How many did you get?

 What’s harder to find than a rhino, an elephant and a giraffe?

 Answer: Davey Crockett, Davy Crockett and Dixie Eisenhower… (or some other set of rhyming names).

 What place is the hardest place to paint? 

Answer: A Madison Square Garden. And if you don’t like that one, try, What’s the hardest thing to do in North Carolina? (Answer: tan your hide.)

For adults who like riddles:

 Why couldn’t the music teacher play with his band? 

Answer: Because he was out of tune. Get it? This is a very clever wordplay riddle. (What would you call a music teacher that’s in tune?)

 What’s a little hill that keeps crying? 

 A cap on your head. Another clever wordplay riddle. As in, When you’re at a party, do you play games with other people or with yourself?

 What’s the longest word in the English language? 

 then! And who can say the shortest one? Answer: there! (As in, “Hey, how come our teacher let us out of class then?”)

For all ages:

 What don’t go to church on a Friday night? 

 A judge. This one is a little bit more confusing, but the devil is in the details. 

A judge, who would normally be in church on a Friday night, has to stay home and tend to business!

 What’s an easy way to get out of work? 

Tell your boss that you’re about to give birth. 

As in, “I told my boss I was about to give birth yesterday and he said I could go home early.” 

(Remember, if you’re having trouble with this riddle, it’s a joke!)

 Why do they bury people with nine-inch nails? 

 Because deep down they’re really good people. This riddle is a bit more complicated, but if you work it out, you get a good laugh.

For kids who like jokes:

Jokes are hard to explain! Here’s how to tell the difference between a joke and an insult: 

If a joke is told by accident, it’s an insult. (So don’t tell embarrassing jokes around your boss!)

Here are some questions you can ask your friends or family. We’re not sure why anyone would ask these questions,

 but kids love them once they’ve read them out loud! This one has been used in numerous movies and TV shows; so it must be good!

 What’s green, pink and yellow? 

 A frog that’s been in traffic. And if you think that’s gross, try this one: What kind of underwear do you wear when you’re sad? Answer: “Fruit of the loom.”

 How do you get down from an airplane

You jump down! And remember, as long as your feet are on the ground it’s a jump; once they leave the ground it becomes a leap!

 What goes up and never comes down? 

Your age around your birthday. So when is your age the highest? Answer… your birthday!

 Why did the man stand on the railroad track with a pair of binoculars? 

Because he wanted to see the bang before it happened. (OK, so this one isn’t that funny, but it’s clever!)

For adults who like jokes:

 On which day of the week do you wake up early and feel great? 

FRIDAY! And what kind of people love Monday morning? 

undertakers. And if you think that’s not funny, then try this one: What did one ocean say to the other ocean?

 “Can you believe this guy… he’s drowning.” (This joke is also used in numerous movies and TV shows. 

It should be easy for you to remember.) if albert’s son is my son’s father

 What does a fireman, a woman and a baby have in common? 

They all have one more thing to do! (Get it? It’s like saying, “What do firemen and women have in common?”)

 Why did one bird fly over the water and scare the other birds? Because he had an umbrella. (The question is stupid, but funny!)


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