14 Brutal Truths About Word Crush Athletics.


What is word crush athletics?

Word crush athletics is a competitive word game in which players must memorize words and

spell them out as quickly as possible. Word crush is a competitive sport that combines speed

and memory. Gamers compete to see who can spell the longest word with the fewest number of misspellings, or who can spell a shorter word with the most letters in it while beating their opponents time.  It’s not just for kids!  If you love games like Hangman and Scrabble, this app is for you! Word crush athletics is an easy way to pass time on long car rides or at your desk during work hours.

How does it work?

Players are given a category, which could be a fruit, vegetable, animal, name of an event or holiday, and more. Words pertaining to the category must be spelled out. A timer starts as soon as the player begins spelling out the words. Special letter blocks will help players by adding letters to their word or subtracting letters from their opponents word.


Players can compete in three different game modes:  Single player where you race against the clock, multiplayer to challenge family and friends, and global where you challenge word crush athletes around the world.

Who can play?  

Word crush athletics is for everyone! No matter your age or skill level, anyone can compete by trying to spell out words in categories they know, have interest in, or are physically looking at. The app is perfect for anyone who loves word games as much as they love sports. It’s also a fun way to spend time with family and friends while also helping them improve spelling.

Ease of Use:  

The app is easy to use. You just have to type the word, select a category and the timer starts. You have up to three tries to spell out the word correctly. For some categories, there are special letter blocks that will help you by adding letters or subtracting letters from your word. Some other words will be spelled out in capital letters so you can easily see how many letters are needed for spelling words in a certain category. Words do not get longer or shorter once they are spelled out. You can replay the game to see how well you did.

Number of Categories:

The app contains over 500 categories that include popular and famous food, animals, holidays/events, and more.  There is also a word challenge mode where you can play with friends and family for word challenge points. For example: to earn a point in the category “Shopping Dates” you must spell the words “shopping” and “date”. When the timer runs out players receive points based on their accuracy of spelling words correctly within the given time limit. Players can also practice by playing in word challenge mode with no timer so they can make sure they know all of their letters.


Players are able to earn points in the app. Points can be used to unlock new categories, unlock new letters, or buy coins that can be used in the online store. In addition, word crush athletes/players can upload their word crush records as a part of the Word Crush Athletics app and compete with other word crushers.

What are the features?

Features (to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim): Word Crush Athletics – Brain Games That Spill Hours Quickly! Word Crush Athletics is an amazing app that is filled with fun word games for everyone to enjoy! Not only are you guaranteed hours of fun but by participating in the game you will also help improve spelling and vocabulary as well. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way to entertain your friends and family this is a must have app! Although, you may need more than one person to help play the game. 

Some more facts:

The game can easily be played by one person but it is much more fun with at least two people playing. There are several categories of words. Each category has its own special letter blocks which help by adding or subtracting letters from the word being spelled out. These categories include: Animals, Names of the Day and Holidays, Food, Nature and Science, Transportation, Sports (like football), Weather and much more! As you can see there are hundreds of words that are already included so by purchasing this app you will definitely get your money’s worth.

For each category there are different numbers of words. For example: Food has over 500 words which means for every one of those 500 words there are about 25 letters to the spell out the word. How many different categories does that make? That is about 500,000 different categories to play in for this game! That’s a lot of time you will be spending on this app! You can also play on single player or multiplayer. If you enjoy playing this game with other people there is an online app that you can join and also challenge other people in your country as well.


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