20 Amazing Red Dragon Names For your Online Gaming

cederic vandenberghe 21DP3hytVHw unsplash
cederic vandenberghe 21DP3hytVHw unsplash

Greetings fellow gamers, I’ve put together a list of the 20 best dragon names to use in online games. Many gamers enjoy coming up with their own character name, but sometimes it can be difficult. So I’ve compiled this list to help you choose the perfect one! From names like Thaeryl and Gildedwing to Kaltorath, Serendipity and Kazikel; there is plenty of variety in this list to find your perfect red dragon name.

20 Amazing red dragon names

1. Arielle, meaning “lion of God” :

 Very popular in the Christian world, Arielle’s meaning is appropriate to the red dragon in this article.

2. Baelariel, meaning “son of the mountain” :

 The mountain range shown on this dragon’s wings is called the Andes in South America. It’s sometimes referred to as “the bow”, which refers to a type of weapon used by Native Americans.

3. Bleeker, meaning “beautiful skin” : 

The dark green color of this dragon’s body suits its name (bleeker = beautiful skin). This may be due to their skin becoming light green when they grow older or darker green when they are enraged.

4. Brandybuck, meaning “good buck” :

The Brandybuck family are one of the well respected families in the Shire. The name is quite appropriate to this dragon because… Well, you know why. 😉

5. Cadmus, meaning “from a type of snake” :

A Cadmus snake is a small amphibian from Australia. Because there are many snakes in Australia it suits this dragon well! .

6. Georgina, meaning “farmer” :

A farmer is someone who does farming professionally on a farm or smallholding for profit. This dragon’s name also fits because it stands for “farmer”.

7. Heidi, meaning “grandmother” :

This dragon is named after a famous grandmother from Chinese mythology. The Chinese word for grandmother is said to be the combination of the words ‘hai’ and ‘di’. This particular meaning could’ve been chosen because this dragon adorned a very large, broad and tall crown (see image above). This may have been the design of its head talons as well… or not. 😉

8. Heri, meaning “hawk” :

 This dragon is inspired by a hawk which can be seen on its foreclaw .

9. Lachlan, meaning “dweller by the lake” :

This dragon’s name is quite obvious because it is a red dragon and it lives in a lake in a lake. The name also suits red dragons well because they are predominantly nocturnal and their hunting habits center around the night when there are fewer humans around to spot them.

10. Lakelyn, meaning “beautiful lake” :

This dragon’s name is fitting because it lives in a very beautiful (and deep) lake (see image above). It could be that said lake was named after this dragon or vice versa… but who cares? Its still a good name!

11. Lexi, meaning “defender of mankind” :

The name “Lexi” is quite fitting because the dragon in this picture is protecting a human by hiding him/her inside a little house on its back . This dragon has a good heart!

12. Lila, meaning “shining stone” :

This image actually looks like this dragon is crying because it might have seen something sad in its life. But it could also be that it’s happy because the sun is shining down on it. Who knows?

13. Maude, meaning “bear” :

This dragon is named after a bear. A black bear to be precise. The name could be chosen because it has black skin (or perhaps hair) or because it likes eating things like berries (i.e. red fruits). 

14. Theryl, meaning “to shine” :

The red dragon in this image is looking directly at you. It has a shiny crown on its head which makes sense for its name! Note that the eye in the center of the crown may not be a natural feature but instead it could simply be paint or another type of decoration. 

15. Thumbelina, meaning “little thumb” :

This dragon’s name is appropriate because it isn’t very big in comparison to other dragons. It may even be a baby dragon.

16. Tindaro, meaning “to fly” :

The name Tindaro fits this dragon because it seems to have wings (or something) which let it fly. Note that the wings could be decorative rather than functional but I think they are decorative because this dragon is a wizard and wizards can only do magic

17. Tom, meaning “pertaining to water” :

This dragon has a long tail with a fin on the end of it. It could be that the fin is actually its lure which attracts fish etc. because fish often thrive in freshwater lakes and ponds. Perhaps this dragon fell into the water when it was still a hatchling and has been luring fish ever since… is that possible? I don’t know! It would explain why this dragon seeks to live in freshwater though.

18. Vyaghra, meaning “swift hawk” :

 Many animals have associations with hawks including dragons. The first association of a dragon that springs to my mind is the red dragon in the Harry Potter book .

19. Whitcomb, meaning “white horse” :

The horse is clearly seen on the dragon’s back which makes sense for its name! The color white is associated with cleanliness and also purity which suits a shiny white dragon such as this one! 

20. Yannis, meaning “Godly” :

 This dragon’s name is appropriate because it’s a god! A god of the waters in particular do you see those legs? I think they are webbed which would make them perfect for swimming through the water and catching fish etc.


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