3 reasons why bongs are better than joints for advanced users!


If you have been smoking for a long time and you feel comfortable with various methods and apparatuses, you may now be trying to find the best smoking experience that provides the biggest hits. Luckily for you, we have compared various smoking methods to find which ones are the best for advanced users who feel comfortable with many moving parts and complicated set-ups!

For those who are tired of smoking from joints or taking single hits from bubblers, you can try new methods to get the biggest hits with the most flavor! Doing research ahead of time can help save you time, money, and effort when it comes to going to your next smoke shop or cannabis dispensary store online or in person.

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3 benefits of bongs over joints for advanced cannabis smokers!

There are many types of bongs on the market today – knowing which type is your favorite can help you have the best smoking experience possible. There are standard bongs with water to filter the smoke or ice bongs that cool the smoke for a smooth and cooled-off hit. Lastly, there are recycler bongs that use two chambers to cool down smoke for a perfect hit. 

Big hits that require less time and effort 

One of the best benefits of using bongs or joints is the ability to get big hits. You can inhale a large amount of smoke that is trapped in the water chamber by removing the carb cap only when you fill the chamber with smoke. This provides a flavorful, smooth,  and big hit that is sure to get you high after just one rip! Instead of having to take a joint multiple times to feel high, you can feel the euphoric and psychoactive properties of smoking THC from a bong in just one hit. 

Better filtration to get rid of harmful compounds 

When compared to joints, bongs have more filtration levels. Joints include cannabis and other properties that are less filtered when you take hits. However, bongs eliminate a significant amount of the carcinogens, harmful compounds, and toxins before they reach your lungs, increasing the health of the bong. Furthermore, the water helps filter out any products that occur from the combustion process within the chamber. 

Reduce bacteria and mold build-up

Lastly, bongs have the ability to reduce the prevalence of bacteria, mold, and other debris build-ups within the apparatus. Since joints do not have any cleaning or filtration method, bongs are typically healthier and more hygienic than joints. To get the most benefits from the cleaning of your bong, change the water between sessions and deep clean weekly with disinfectant or Epsom salts.


As you can see, there are numerous benefits of using bongs or joints for advanced users! If you feel comfortable putting the moving parts together for the bong apparatus, you can enjoy the big hits, smooth hits, better filtration, and hygienic properties of the reusable bong.


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