4 Reasons why WooCommerce is the best platform for E-commerce Stores!

Best eCommerce Platforms
Best eCommerce Platforms

Are if you are looking to launch a website quickly, WooCommerce is the perfect platform for you.

While, many other platforms like Magento, Shopify, and others have come to the competition, WooCommerce is still one of the best platforms and a reference for others.

At present over 3 million websites are powered by this amazing WordPress plugin, which to put in perspective is about 0.6% of all the 1,000 million websites running over the internet. This is a huge number already, right?

However, just like all other platforms, WooCommerce has its strengths and limitations and it is worth knowing all the pros and cons of the platform before you commit to a venture with it. Below we have come up with some strengths of WooCommerce that you may not know.

But before we start, let’s just quickly look at the history of the platform to give you an idea about the role of WooCommerce behind the ecommerce boom.

The WooCommerce was launched back in 2008, and as you could imagine there weren’t millions of e-commerce stores back then. However, this simple yet powerful WordPress plugin was seen as a turning point that initiates the boom of e-commerce industry with millions of ecommerce stores opening in the next decade. 

So, now that we have a bit of history about the platform, let’s just dive into our main topic and see some of the strengths of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Strengths

            Open Source and Free

Perhaps, this was one of the biggest driving forces behind the e-commerce boom we saw in late 2010 and early 2020s. The powerful and simple platform wasn’t just completely free to use, it was also open-sourced, which enable developers or designers to customize the platform to meet their unique needs.

Now, while WooCommerce competitors like Shopify or Magento also offer free versions, these are just the basic versions and users would have to switch to the paid version to use advanced features of the platform.

WooCommerce is also a highly recommended plugin for developers and designers who have previously worked with the WordPress platform, as both of them carry the same interface and it would be easier for developers to get started quickly with WooCommerce.

–         Completely Customizable

Another great strength of WooCommerce is that it’s a completely customizable platform, which can easily be molded into the needs of individual stores.

For the starter, there are thousands of free themes available on the platform. You can choose the right theme that suits your ecommerce store. And even then if you want some customization, you will be able to easily customize the header, footer, checkouts, and other components of the theme.

–         Higher Flexibility

WooCommerce isn’t just customizable, it’s also highly flexible, that adapts completely to the needs of the online shopping stores; irrespective of the market niche or the types of products/services on offer.

The platform can also be configured to adapt to the affiliate systems or other business models.

–         Optimal Security

Superior security features are another strength of the WooCommerce platform which can’t be ignored. As a WordPress Plugin, WooCommerce keeps up with strong cybersecurity practices to ensure the safety and security of online stores. The platform supports all major and highly secure payment gateways including PayPal, WePay, Stripe, and others, so you don’t have to worry about the secure payment gateway options.

However, behind the strong cybersecurity measures, the WooCommerce Platform doesn’t come with some important security elements like SSL certificate or backup tools. However, these elements can easily be added to the platform, so you don’t have to worry about your store’s security and integrity.

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