4 Tips For Choosing The Best Weighted Blanket And Pillowcases To Protect The Pillow

Protect The Pillow


While mattresses are most important for a comfortable sleep, blankets and pillows are those without which you can’t sleep. In cold weather, the need for a more heavyweight blanket like comforters, duvet and others are most important. Adding designable blankets or duvet and pillowcases adds brightness to your bedroom and can attract attention towards the bed and beautify your room as a whole.

The concept of a weighted blanket is to provide enough pressure which feels like a warm hug for peaceful and deep sleep.

To pick one of the best weighted blanket among the different blanket material types you need to follow these 4 tips –


Weight is the most important point that you should remember before buying a blanket. As a weighted blanket is all about getting enough pressure for a peaceful sleep, you need to pick a perfect weight according to your choice. It shouldn’t be extremely light or heavy. If you are confused to select the perfect weight of blanket for you, don’t worry, there is a simple solution.

The perfect weight of a weighted blanket should be 10% of an individual’s weight. For example, if your weight is 140pounds, the weight of your blanket should be 14 pounds.

If you are planning to buy a blanket for your child, then consult a doctor to choose the best one for your child.


Size is another key point to choose a perfect blanket, which is very important for your comfort. If you are going to share your blanket with your partner, then check the dimensions carefully before buying. Make sure that for a single user, or couples, there is enough space to fit in properly. If you are taller than average, then please check if it fits you perfectly or not.

Filler Type:

Fillers are commonly used for heavyweight mattresses. Foam, plastic, or glass beds, are used as a filler( glass beds are the best choice because of their durability). Sometimes, weighted weaves are used instead of the fillers.

Never choose blankets with low-quality fillers. Low-quality fillers are easily squeezed. Always go for those blankets which are made of durable filler material.


Buying a new weighted mattress may be a little bit easier, compared to cleaning its cover each time when it gets messy. So always choose those covers which are much easier for cleaning frequently. Except for cleaning, the comfort you achieve from a blanket is also dependent on the material it’s made of. Sometimes sleeping inside a heavyweight cover can make you heated up. To avoid it, you can choose bamboo and a specially made cooling cover.


Soft and fluffy pillows not only help you to sleep well at night but also can add to the decoration of your bedroom. Adding piles of pillows over neatly tucked-in bed sheets or duvet in a perfect arrangement can beautify your bed in the best possible way. Sometimes even adding a few fancy decorated pillows or fuzzy ones on top of your own sets can magnify the beauty of your bed.

Now, focusing on pillowcases, there are several types of pillowcases- the common types that we use those pillowcases are meant to protect the pillow, other pillows with intricate designs on them are mainly used for decorations, and some are shams.

What are shams? They are a little different from the usual pillowcases. They are mainly made for decoration purposes and are not meant for sleeping. They are made of fabrics that add a hint of bright color or texture to your bed. These can drape a colorful and decorative covering over your pillows when put in front of them. They also light up your spirit and make your bedroom look jolly and heartwarming.

To help you out with what pillowcases you should choose, we have come up with some tips.

4 Tips For The Perfect Arrangement Of Pillowcases In Your Bedroom Are:

  • Choose comfortable and sober colored pillowcases and add shams or other designed pillowcases to put in front of them. Also, make sure that the shams are of proper sizes and are not too large than the other pillows.
  • Arrangement of pillows – piling up a few larger pillowcases on which you sleep at the back, and adding decorative pillows in front.
  • The color and design of the shams should match your bedroom and especially with your bedsheet to gain attention to your beautiful bed.
  • It will be better, not to put too many pillows on top of each other. This will make the bed look stuffy and flood over with pillows.

Shams can be of several sizes – Standard(20″ × 26″ ), Queen( 20″ × 30″), King(20″ × 36″), Euro(26″ × 26″) Shams. According to their sizes and shapes, they are much different from each other and you have to choose wisely according to the size of your bed. 


Discussing all the blankets and pillowcases, by now you must have understood that there are several criteria for buying such products. Be it size or be it shape, be it the material or its design, all factors matter for buying such products. But all in all each of these have to match the background of your bedroom.

For a blanket, it’s very important for it to fit when you are sharing your blanket with someone else. Covering the comforters or duvet or other heavyweight blankets can be the best option as it makes them easier for cleaning as well as makes them look gorgeous. Adding fluffy or feathery blankets can make your bed much more comfier.

Matching or contrasting the design and color of your blanket and pillow cases can elevate the beauty of your room. Before buying the shams, the size of your bed, decorations, and furniture of your bedroom should always be kept in mind.  All kinds of shams may not be suitable for your bed. Choose the right kind for enhancing the beauty of your bedroom appropriately.

Most importantly you should remember that price is a vital point for both so stay within your budget and choose the best one for you. 


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