4 Unique Products Every Man Should Have

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Regardless of your interests, there are some things every man should have — things like deodorant or a snake pit to cast your enemies into. Since you will obviously have both of those sorted out by now, here are four unique products that every man should have. 

1. Pouch Underwear 

If you needed to carry some oranges around, would you squeeze them into a small ziplock bag, or do you think you’d put them in some kind of sack or pouch? Surely the metaphor doesn’t need more explaining — you need men’s underwear with pouch. This product is designed to actually meet the needs of your anatomy, and if you’ve ever wanted to impress your urologist, show up in a pair of these bad boys. It’s basically the balls equivalent of a climate-controlled wine cellar — it shows that you recognize that some environments are better than others, and you’ll only tolerate the best. 

2. Propane Fire Pit 

On one hand, there is something special about the smokey smell of a campfire. On the other hand, that campfire smell can be the effing worst. Admit it — on any given night of the week, you’d rather not have the campfire smell. It’s great for covering the stank of camping, but if it’s just a casual event, no thank you. This is where the propane fire pit comes in. 

These fire pits are small enough to be travel-friendly, but hands-down, the best thing about them is the complete lack of smell. You can spend six hours by one of these and it won’t change your scent one bit. So whether it’s a bit chilly or you just want some ambiance for your next outdoor hangout, this is the perfect option — you just fire it up like you would an old stove-top and you’re off to the races. 

Not only are these fire pits insanely convenient, but they’re also better for the environment because burning propane produces less emissions than burning wood or photos of ex-girlfriends. 

3. Giant Ice Cube Trays

Little ice cubes are for little humans, so instead of using those dumb baby ice cubes your fridge makes, invest in some trays that make oversized ice cubes. These tiny glaciers are often preferred for cocktails because they won’t water the drink down so quickly, but they’re good for any beverage you want to cool down. 

If nothing else, these large cubes look super cool and make good conversation starters, though, admittedly, “Yeah, they’re big ice cubes” isn’t a conversation that will last too long. If you’re worried that having oversized ice will make it look like you’re compensating for something… well, maybe you are, and that’s okay. Whatever helps you sleep at night, big guy. 

4. Portable Hammock 

Not to be confused with the first item on this list, a portable hammock is an underrated product that you can bring with you just about anywhere. In fact, you could easily set one of these up in your house with just a few secure hooks (note: hooks can be utilized for other activities as well). Nothing will amplify a backyard barbecue as quickly as a hammock to chill in after. 

Affordable and lightweight, a portable hammock is something every man should keep in the trunk of his car. If you want to really impress somebody, take them on a hike and set up a hammock at the end for the two of you to relax in for a bit. If this setup doesn’t impress the other person, hate to break it to you, but they’re not the one. 

These affordable will probably guarantee that you’ll find love, fame, and riches. If they don’t manage to do that for you, they’ll at least provide you with some comfort, and will probably impress your friends. Any one of these could greatly improve your next date. 


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