5.2 tier list of Honkai Impact

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maha khairy 3uuLWb6aQXc unsplash

At the end of last year, Bandai Namco revealed that they will be releasing an anime adaptation 

of Honkai Impact 3rd on April 20th. However, the moment the trailer got released, many fans 

became skeptical with how it looked like. While many fans were only concerned about the 

animation quality and overall feel of the show, there was one thing that continued to bug them – 

it appears as if no one is playing any games! The game industry is becoming too dependent on 

digital gaming and companies are barely finding time to release single player games for their 

consoles or PC releases which seems like a big problem for those who still enjoy physical copies.

The release of Senran Kagura mostly shut down the online community by adding 

microtransactions and overpriced DLC packs, and gamers were forced to buy multiple packs 

just to get all the models they wanted. Despite the quality of the animation, fans completely 

ignored this series and it served as a cash grab for Bandai Namco. But thanks to Honkai Impact 

3rd and its anime adaptation, we might actually see more physical releases in the near future. 

To make things even better, we unfortunately discovered that Honkai Impact 3rd will be released on two platforms: PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

We decided to give Honkai Impact 3rd a shot and set out on our adventure to find out what the 

anime adaptation has in store for us. For this article, we will be focusing solely on the game’s 

mechanics and discuss their implementation throughout different modes. We will also provide 

some insight on what may change based on our perception of the game.

Part 1: Game Modes

The game is divided into two main game modes. The first mode, which is named the Single 

Player mode, focuses on telling the story of the game. Similar to most mobile games, everything 

will be automated in this mode. This means that you will only be required to select your target 

and attack with your equipped weapon. You can also use special abilities when you fill up the 

“Spirit” gauge located at the bottom left of the screen. If you are in a rush, you can always 

toggle auto-combat at the top right corner of the screen; however, this is not recommended in 

most cases since your Gear’s performance will drop by up to 50% when you do so.

The second game mode, which is named the “Multiplayer” mode, will require you to fight 

another player in real-time. This means that you will need an internet connection to play this 

game unless you decide to play the game offline. Thanks to the game’s fantastic loading screen 

(which shows off your Gear while it loads), you won’t feel like you are waiting for long periods of time when using this mode.

Honkai Impact 3rd has a very unique approach on how it handles character creation. Your 

character creation will determine your starting Gear’s performance, appearance, and even weapon type. 

In this image, we can see that the default Gear’s performance is at 25%. However, they have 

two different weapons at their disposal. As you can see here, the first weapon grants more 

attack while the other one will provide more speed and agility. The image below shows some of 

the faces and hair styles you will be able to choose from:

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information regarding how weapons or gear options 

affect your Gear’s stats in-game. It is very possible that each weapon serves a special purpose 

and will not be interchangeable under most circumstances. (For example: You cannot equip a sword on a sniper rifle since it will not fit)

The game’s controls are exactly the same as the PC version. Since this is an unlisted game, 

you will need to exit out of the game in order to exit out of the game. It is unknown whether or 

not there will be controller support in this game due to how all menus in-game are designed for 

use with a keyboard. This may be a problem for some players since Virtual On Oratorio 

Tangram has become one of the few PlayStation 4 games that support use of a keyboard and mouse. honkai impact tier list

Honkai Impact 3rd does support use of voice chat. By pressing the red button located under the 

D-Pad, your dialogue options will be bound to start talking. Unfortunately, we were unable to find 

any other features that will help you communicate with other players and we do not plan to test 

this feature further.

Part 2: Mechanics and Gameplay

Even though Honkai Impact 3rd is a completely automated game, the developers have tried to 

make it feel as close as possible to an actual fighting game. The developers have even 


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