5 Best PPC Marketing Tools That Can Keep You Ahead From Your Competitors In 2020


Are you wondering how to bring your online business in pace and beat your competitors? 

Why don’t you try out the quickest way to witness visible results? 

Yes, we are talking about PPC marketing. PPC ads or pay-per-click advertising is the easiest way to generate fast and optimum results. However, this requires a certain investment. But if you are losing patience and want to generate high ranks in no time, you should think about this once. 

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PPC marketing is easier and more effective if you know which tool to use for better results. Plenty of tools are available online and surprisingly, every day there is something new added to the list. 

Is this making you confused? Worry not. Here we have figured out which tools work the best. Using any of these following tools can turn your PPC campaign a successful one.

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Here we go!

5 Best PPC Marketing Tools You Must Consider

5 Best PPC Marketing Tools

  1. Google Ads Editor: Google Ads Editor is a free PPC marketing tool offered by Google itself. This is basically an application that you can download from Google and use it to manage your Google ad campaign.
    Google Ads Editor is particularly made for the ads running on Google. It does not support ad campaigns on other advertising platforms.
    Google Ads Editor consumes less time and needs less effort for managing ads in bulk. The best thing about this tool is it even works offline, without any internet connection.

    Some other important leverages that you can acquire here are – 

The tool allows users to make changes, and upload it when satisfied.
You have the flexibility to move items amid the ad campaigns.

  1. WordStream Advisor: Google is featured with another tool, WordStream Advisor, specially designed for ad campaign management. The specialty of this tool is it works for both small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring them to maximize their business revenue through ad campaigns.
    Now the question is – why to rely on WordStream Advisor when you have plenty of other marketing tools lying by your side?

    To answer this question, we would like you to read out the following advantages offered by this tool. Probably, this can help you to solve your query.

    Some sparkling benefits offered by the tool are – 

It supports multiple advertising platforms including AdWords, Bing, and Facebook. It manages the ads to improve the quality score.It helps users to have thorough research on high-performing and rank-driven keywords.It even considers the usage of negative keywords.
It is good at creating effective landing pages.

Aren’t these enough to rely on WordStream Advisor?

  1. Ahrefs: Unlike Google tools, Ahrefs is a paid but effective tool for PPC marketing. The tool is basically used for keyword research and site analytics, the two most important aspects of PPC marketing. The best thing about this tool is it makes a detailed analysis of keywords, website, competitor’s keywords, traffic, and many more.

    Ahrefs collect all the information from different sites and store them in a single dashboard, making it easier for the users to understand them. From backlinks to traffic value, you can get overall information about the ad campaign.

    Friends, if you really want to invest in PPC marketing for your business, make sure you spend the money on Ahrefs.
  2. Optmyzr: Have you think about Optmyzr? It is an award-winning tool that supports both Google and Bing Ads campaigns. It optimizes the ads, helping the businesses to make an effective promotion across the web.

    The advanced tool is featured with –
    AdWords Quality Score Tracker
    Google Analytics
    A/B Testing
    Landing page analysis
    Bing Ads Optimization
  3. Google Ad Performance Grader: Google Ad Performance Grader, as the name implies, is an ad performance grading tool. Using this tool, you can determine the performance level of your running ad on different advertising platforms. Inspecting the performance metrics and understanding the issues, you can optimize the ad and make it more effective.
    Performance grading is done on the basis of 60 multiple factors. For example, Quality Score, ranking, click-through rates, conversions, landing page optimization, and many more.

    The tool can be used to audit and analyze the performance of the campaigns. The features that have made this possible are performance tracker, mobile readiness score, benchmarks, etc.


All efforts go in vain when you simply ignore the importance of PPC marketing tools. No matter how good you are at running a PPC ad, to be with the trend, and to catch up with the pace of evolution, you must make use of online marketing tools.

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