5 Simple Yet Powerful Strategies of Targeting Followers on Twitter


Targeting the right people is just as important as running the right ads. Some people complain about not having enough followers on Twitter. Well, you might want to have a look at your targeting strategies. 

Many people are not familiar with the importance of targeting on Twitter. Targeted followers are one who shows interest in similar content as yours. For example, if you are a staffing agency, then people related to marketing staffing agency are more likely to show interest in your posts. Here is how you can target the right way:

Advanced Search Targeting

You can call it the method that narrows downs the audience for you. This means that you only target the people who show an interest in your brand. Using this feature on Twitter will allow you to reach out to people based on their location, followers, interests, and genders. Apart from that, you can also target based on industry and influencers. 

You get to make your combination and target accordingly. If you see a certain combo working well for you, go ahead with it. Otherwise, you can always tweak a little. 

Twitter List Targeting

Communicating with the people who are in your target list is an excellent way of going about it. However, you need to put in some hard work before doing so. Because these are strategically designed lists. These lists cater to the tailored audience only. Twitter does not create this list or it is not automatically generated, you create it for some niche if you wish to. 

DM Campaign

You might want to consider taking help from the Direct message campaign as well. But there is a thing about this trick. It can annoy Twitter users as well. So, you have to be cautious while sending messages. So, know that this can go against you as well and people might end up blocking you. And you do not want that for sure. 

Twitter allows you to send thousands of such DMs promoting yourself. The platform allows you to do so every day. However, if you are smart enough, you won’t send promotional DMs every day. As the platform can even block your account if people report you. 

Apart from this, you should also leave room for replying to the messages that you send in case a query may arrive. Therefore, be realistic when it comes to the number of DMs you send. 

The Competitors’ Followers

Another way to go about is by targeting the competitors’ followers. You would NOT want to leave this niche out. It will have several benefits that you may realize later. However, there is a trick while targeting the competitors’ followers as well. You cannot just find a list and decide to add it to your target list. 

You would want to pick the ones who seem unsatisfied by the product or service that your competitor is offering. Because let’s face it, converting a loyal customer is not that easy. However, a person who is already complaining about your competitor’s product might be the easiest target. 

However, remember that you will get this one chance to please him. If you fail too, then that target will not think twice before considering another option. Therefore, be wise and smart when using this opportunity. 

Industry Influencers

Lately, influencer marketing has been gaining a lot of popularity. You can think of it as word of mouth marketing. But here you hire someone or collaborate with someone to spread the word. However, you just don’t go about targeting any influencers. Because your audience is not a fool. Any person promoting something that does not relate to him, the people do not consider it truthful. 

Target only the ones who are related to your industry. When they will promote your product, people are more likely to buy it. Brand awareness plays a crucial role in earning more followers and influencers can help you in doing so with ease. Look for some prominent influencer in your niche and get him to give you a shout out or promote your brand. You will see a significant difference. 

If you are clueless, you can use platforms like Cloohawk that can help you in finding the right influencers. These platforms can work wonders for you by aiding you in finding the influencers and connecting you to them. One of my friends in an IT staffing agency used a similar platform with very good results. So give it a shot as well. I hope these tricks work for you. 


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