5 Stereotypes About Cocktails That Aren’t Always True


One of the most popular drinks in the world is undoubtedly a mixed drink. Whether you are sipping on an old fashioned martini, or a margarita, mixed drinks can change people’s moods and remind them of their favorite pastimes. The problem is that mixed drinks are not all created equal – like with any other type of food and drink out there, there are some things that you need to know about cocktails before diving in and ordering one. Letterkenny bloody mary recipes are not just for the true animal lovers in the world!

There is no denying that mixed drinks are very popular; they are usually fairly easy to make and come in more varieties than you could ever imagine. Whatever your opinion on the matter, one thing’s for sure: some of these so-called stereotypes about cocktails are actually myths!

5 Stereotypes About Cocktails That Aren’t Always True :

1. You Can’t Mix Flavors

The misconception that you cannot mix certain drinks together is one of the most common myths about mixed drinks. This rule applies to particular cocktails because it is true that people did invent certain mixed drinks in order to emphasize a point, whether it was during prohibition or as a religious metaphor. This means that things such as the banana daiquiri and the shandy are actually not naturally occurring. The silver lining here is that you can mix any drink with any other drink, so long as you follow these rules:

* Alcohol mixed with alcohol tastes better than alcohol mixed with something else because of the flavor concentration. This means that vodka mixed with vodka will taste better than vodka mixed with cola.

* Alcohol mixed with sugar tastes better than alcohol mixed with something sour because there is less of a chance of getting an overpowering aftertaste.

* Sugar added to things tends to drown out the flavor of the ingredients, so don’t add more than one type of sweetener.

* Acid (like lemon juice) added to alcohol tends to lessen the effect of alcohol. This is why many people take their shots with a little lemon juice in order for the drinker not to get as drunk as fast.

2. You Can’t Order a Mixed Drink in an Irish Pub

This is one of the most common myths about cocktails and one of the most annoying. The idea that you cannot order a mixed drink at an Irish pub is simply ridiculous since there are so many drinks that come from Ireland and use whiskey as their base liquor.

The truth is that many places around the world have this rule, but it is more likely to occur in pubs where people go to drink beer and hard alcohol rather than places where people go to mix drinks. The idea behind this rule is that people will only come in to order drinks to get drunk and not order any food, which hurts the owner’s profit margins and leads to a poor experience for all involved. 

3. You Can’t Split a Mixed Drink

Another common myth about cocktails is that you cannot split a mixed drink between two separate glasses because it can ruin the recipe or dilute the drink so much that it tastes very different than how it was intended to taste.

The reality is that there are drinks that do not taste the same when they are shared. Some drinks will even taste better divided between two glasses because it allows for a more personalized experience for each person. The only drinks that you cannot split are those that have fresh ingredients, like fresh fruit slices – in this case you should order the drink as one glass and ask for extra ice or request another glass if you would like to share.

4. You Can’t Fix a Drinks That Is Too Weak

One of the most common myths about cocktails is that you cannot fix a drink that is too weak. While it is true that you can’t add too much alcohol to a drink, there are ways to make any drink stronger without having to add more alcohol.

Essentially, the flavor and amount of dilution of a drink is what creates the feeling in your mouth. The more you dilute a drink with ice and water, the less alcoholic it tastes. The less alcoholic it tastes, the weaker it will be as a whole. This means that if you want a mixed drink that has just an extra kick to it, you should order an extra shot or use smaller ice cubes for less dilution.

5. Vodka and Tequila are the only Alcohols You Can Use

The idea that you cannot get anything but vodka and tequila in a mixed drink is another myth about cocktails. This myth is one of the most common myths about cocktails because it simply seems illogical to limit yourself to two liquors when there are so many other great spirits out there, both of which can be used in a whole bunch of great drinks.

One way to avoid this myth is to order something unique like a Moscow mule, which uses vodka with ginger ale. Another way to avoid this myth involves adding liqueurs – liqueur can be used as an ingredient in drinks and taste very different from the base liquor.


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