5 Tips to Recharge Esco Bars Pastel Cartel

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The ESCO Bars Mesh Disposable Vape Pen will undoubtedly please you… and your taste buds. Esco Bars are available in various delectable flavors, including all-new Esco Bars X Ripe Collection selections. Because this vape pen has a mesh coil, you can expect strong flavor output that lasts the duration of the device. A smooth, pleasing nicotine delivery beautifully balances this incredible taste output.

You may be interested in where to get esco bars, how to refill the flavor, or how to recharge them. They are primarily available in wines and spirits, pubs, or bars, whereas you can still get their flavors and chargers sold there.

Aside from disposable vapes, almost every vape you may buy will come with a charger that allows you to recharge the vape’s batteries when they run out.

Whether it’s been misplaced, destroyed, or unavailable, your vape’s batteries may have run out of energy, and you don’t have the right charger to bring them back to life.

However, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as the saying goes. Even if you don’t have the proper charger, you can undoubtedly recharge most sorts of vapes with a bit of ingenuity.

Furthermore, almost all vape pens are battery-powered (the batteries heat the liquid, converting it to vapor), which means they must be fully charged to function effectively. 

Depending on the type and model you carry, you can charge your vape pen with either the integrated charger unit and USB connection or an external battery charger.

Additionally, because of the exposed wires, never leave a charging disposable unattended, just like you would with any other vaping equipment. Even if the arrangement is modest, children and pets may be hurt if they mistakenly touch it or ingest the small bits. You should also know that not all e-juices and e-liquids are safe. This article will look at every option for charging your Esco Bars Pastel Cartel.

1. Use an External Battery Charger

Esco Bars Pastel Cartel has batteries that are hardwired to the device’s internal components and cannot be removed. 

However, an external battery charger will not help you with these gadgets, and on the other hand, most vape pens are powered by standard AA batteries that you can remove.

You may use an external battery charger to charge your vape’s batteries as long as your mod is equipped with rechargeable cells and most mods come with rechargeable batteries out of the box.

Utilizing an external battery charger to recharge a mod’s batteries is encouraged because it can help maintain the battery’s life. However, you can buy an external battery charger if you don’t have one hanging around. This is a device that is available at the majority of vape stores.

When batteries are used more frequently, they deteriorate with time. You can monitor their power by inserting them into an external charger and note how long it takes for them to recharge. If a device takes significantly longer than usual, you may need to change the batteries.

Additionally, the device’s time to charge a vape device is dictated by the device itself. However, there are various on the market, some of which are younger than others, and charge times vary considerably. Charging your vape device to full capacity should only take a couple of hours in most cases, with three hours being the maximum.

Unfortunately, if it takes longer than required to reach full charge, the battery may be faulty. It could be approaching the end of its useful life.

2. Replace Your Esco Bars Pastel Cartel Batteries 

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If you’ve misplaced the charger for a mod with removable batteries, charging the batteries using an external battery charger isn’t your only choice. Most box mods are powered by regular AA batteries, while other batteries may also power some.

While the cells that come with your mod are most likely rechargeable, non-rechargeable batteries will work just as well if you have the proper sort on hand. However, replacing your mod’s batteries every time they die isn’t the most cost-effective approach, but it will suffice as a temporary fix if you’re in a hurry.

Keep in mind that if you replace the batteries in your mod with ordinary, non-rechargeable batteries, plugging your mod back into its charger if you happen to locate it again will have no effect. Given this, it’s a brilliant idea to keep your mod’s rechargeable batteries on hand so you may swap them out whenever you discover your charger.

3. Plug Your Vape into a Laptop or Desktop 

Suppose you still have the charging cable for your vape but have misplaced the brick to which the cable connects. In that case, you won’t be able to charge it using a conventional electrical outlet, but you may charge it by putting the cord into any device with a USB connection.

Laptops, desktop computers, and gaming consoles include USB connections that can charge any vape if you have the right charging cable.

4. Use a Portable Power Bank

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Portable power banks are items that allow you to charge your electronics while on the road. They are essentially huge batteries with charging cords attached that enable you to connect them to various devices.

Plugging your vape into a power bank should work as long as one of those cords is a micro-USB cable and your vape has a micro-USB charging connector. If your vaporizer does not appear to be charging when plugged into a portable power bank, the power bank may be out of charge or faulty.

5. Use a Phone Charger

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If your vaporizer has a micro-USB charging port, as many do, you’re in luck. Micro-USB chargers are widely available, and most people have at least one lying around the house. Though building the charger was not made primarily for charging vapes, it will suffice. The bad news is that many rechargeable vape models lack micro-USB charging ports.

Micro-USB chargers were the industry standard for charging phones a decade ago. Today, however, many smartphone models include other charging connectors, such as lightning ports on iPhones and USB-C ports on many newer Android phones.


Esco Bars Pastel Cartel is a battery-powered device, and while certain types are intended for single-use, the great majority of them can be recharged when the battery runs out. Most vape kits include a charging cable that allows you to plug your device directly into the mains, eliminating the need to change the batteries, which is convenient continuously.


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