5 Ways Small Businesses Become More Compelling With Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Google’s algorithm is factoring in the amount of time your visitors stay on your website. It is one of the reasons online videos are at an all-time growth. Explainer videos have become popular in recent years due to their proven effectiveness in helping a business expand. Many experts in the industry, such as Corporate Video Production Services in Australia consider explainer videos as an excellent marketing strategy. It helps increase your conversion rates as well as clarifies your product to your audience, thus improving your bottom line.

Small businesses in Australia

According to statistics, there are over 2 million small businesses in Australia. Companies that employ fewer than 19 people account for nearly 97% of all Australian companies by employee size. 

1. It helps to inform the audience of your product’s objective

Written text can be challenging since there are so many ways people can misinterpret what they read. Explainer videos help mitigate the guesswork when explaining the usefulness and function of a product or service. People can get a better understanding of your offerings once they see and hear a person presenting them. Explainer videos also help your potential customers by thoroughly getting across what your business can provide them and why they should prefer you over your competitor.

2. Generate curiosity and interest

A majority of businesses are now choosing to utilize social signals to expand the reach of their businesses. They do so by using media such as images and videos to generate curiosity and interest in products and services. According to data, nearly 70% of internet users watch streaming videos online.

3. Rank better in Google

Websites that do not provide value don’t perform well in the Google algorithm. Websites that contain never-ending pages of block text and images are ranked low in Google. Thus, your website will have less exposure. Keep in mind that your customers want to quickly understand your product and services and make a purchase right then and there. According to data, the average customer will take less than a minute to make a decision. An explainer video, especially a well-made one produced with Corporate Video Production Services in Australia will get their immediate attention.

You must provide your audience in Australia premium experience via explainer videos. There is a potential for small businesses to fail in Australia, and you must make sure that your business will stay competitive and thriving. You must be vigilant about your business since 60% of businesses fail in the first three years, and of those who fail, nearly half are profitable. 

4. Information retention

The average person will only be retaining 10% of what they hear. But when it comes to visual stimuli, they will be retaining 50% of them. Thus, explainer videos can help with word-of-mouth advertising. It continues to be the top way for businesses to attract customers. If a customer is satisfied with your product, they will be sharing your video on social media.

Establish your small business in Australia even from the comfort of your home. If you are starting a home-based business, you will need to register it to get a business name and get the required license and permits. You will be provided with an ABN identification. Your business must have a website with embedded explainer videos.

5. Make an exciting pitch

Make a lively pitch by utilizing an explainer video since paper pitches can be tedious. A well-produced video for businesses with an engaging script and visuals can captivate your audience immediately. Explainer videos are beneficial if your product or service is quite complicated.


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