6 Frugal Birthday Gift Ideas That Your Spouse Will Love

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When you have been married to your partner for a long span of time, it is highly likely that you will eventually come up with a revelation that it is not the grand gestures that will help a marriage to work out, but it is the little things that you give attention to will help you in strengthening your bond. Getting a happy birthday cake for your partner in the middle of the night will make her feel just as loved and cherished when you buy her a diamond ring. Here are some set of ideas to get six frugal birthday gift ideas that your spouse will surely enjoy. Keep reading in order to discover these frugal gifts.

Spa basket

  •  Adult life can be really exhausting and tiring. There are manifold responsibilities that you can never turn away from as an adult. But when it is the birthday of your spouse, make sure to give them a free pass to take a leave from adulting, even if it is for just a day. Gift them a spa basket to make sure that your partner spends a relaxing birthday while practicing self-care.

Customized Cake

  •  It doesn’t really matter what age section you belong to. It is almost mandatory to have a birthday cake for your birthday. Order cake online for your spouse and make sure it gets delivered in the middle of the night to take your partner aback by surprise. You can spend the rest of the day doing fun activities which you have not been able to do for quite some time since something or the other keeps coming up. 

Scribd Subscription

  •  This is the dream gift for an avid reader; if your partner fits the description, feel free to buy a Scribd subscription. This will present your partner with access to a zillion books to read from different genres and celebrated authors.

Glass water bottle

  •  This might seem like a highly unusual gift, but hydration is highly essential for the well-being of an individual. With the changing weather, we all are highly susceptible to getting sick. This water bottle will be a constant reminder for your partner to drink water every now and then in order to make sure he or she does not suffer from dehydration and then eventually end up falling sick.


  •  As an adult, many instances occur when you are unable to express yourself; there are a lot of confusing things that are currently going on in your life, and even talking about it with your partner seems like a hefty task. For days like this, when your partner does not have the energy to be vocal about his or her grief, gift them a journal. This will provide them a medium to validate their feelings and process their grief until he is ready to share it with you. It is a highly thoughtful gift that your spouse will surely appreciate.

Tea gift box

  •  When you tend to have long night conversations with your partner over a cup of tea, it only makes sense to present them with a tea gift box to tell them how much you love your little chats.

Gifts are nothing but a physical embodiment of the fact that you care enough to make efforts so that the birthday of your loved one will be the best day of her year. The monetary cost associated with the gift does not make for the fact that you have tried to make your spouse feel valued. The gifts are just a way to express your deep-rooted love for your partner. If you are able to offer your partner adequate attention and spend time with her, there is nothing better in the world she would want to have.


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