6 Stories To Make You Feel Good

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When you’re enduring an intense period of stress, you may find yourself searching for moments of relief. How about six moments of relief? Here are several newsworthy stories that may bring you to tears — but only tears of joy.

A California Seal in the Big Apple

Some of the city’s best water-related attractions include the ferry to Ellis Island and cruises from NYC, and this resilient and adorable aquarium resident might make the list as well.

The baby harbor seal known as Sidney is a long way from where she came from. She was found in February 2020 in Laguna Beach, California, with her umbilical cord still attached and her mother nowhere in sight.

After she was rescued, caregivers attended to her constantly and fed her every two hours. Vets hoped to help her become skillful enough to be released back into the wild, but ultimately it was determined that she wouldn’t survive on her own, so she landed at the New York Aquarium.

MLB Welcomes Its First Female GM

The Miami Marlins have taken on Kim Ng as their general manager, the first woman and first Asian American to hold this position.

Originally from New York City, Ng (whose last name is pronounced “Ang”) has had a long career in the Majors, working for the White Sox, the Yankees, the Dodgers, and beyond. The path to this point has been challenging, but Ng never considered changing course.

Having blazed a trail to her current position, she is setting the precedent for more women to follow in her footsteps.

A Delivery Driver Gets a Gift

Chad Turns is the only UPS driver who works in the small Pennsylvania town of Dauphin. In what one resident calls “a small town with a big heart,” Turns has been providing thoughtful, friendly service to Dauphin for more than 10 years.

As thanks for Turns’ outstanding work, the town came together and donated funds toward a gift for him, presenting him with over $1000. The surprise and generosity understandably brought Chad to tears — along with, most likely, everyone who heard about this story.

A Community Looks Out for a Teacher in Need

Jose Villaruel was a substitute teacher in Southern California, but he fell on hard times last year and had to begin living in his car.

When a former student of his, Steven Nava, ran into him and learned of the situation, he immediately gave Villaruel some money and helped him find a hotel room. Then Nava started a GoFundMe and asked his friends on social media to help, and there was a prompt response from friends and former students who wanted to contribute.

Nava’s GoFundMe raised $27,000 for Villaruel, which he received at his 77th birthday party.

An Underwater Comrade Warms Hearts

There’s no shortage of uplifting news coming from under the sea: a documentary called “My Octopus Teacher” follows a filmmaker making daily visits to an octopus in the Great African Sea Forest, building trust and developing a powerful bond.

“My Octopus Teacher” was nominated for an Oscar in 2021 and has received attention online for its stunning beauty and tear-jerking story. The film took three years to make — when you see the film you’ll know it was well worth the time.

Christina Ha Rescues Cats, Fights Racism

Christina Ha is co-founder of Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat café. Open since 2014, Meow Parlor is more than a space for visitors to bond with furry companions (and adopt them if they want): Ha has also founded a sister nonprofit called Meow Parlour Cats and a conference for cat lovers.

Despite her dedication and service to the cat welfare community, Ha has to endure racist bullying online and in her place of business. She uses her platforms to speak out against this harmful, racist behavior, and inspires those around her to do the same.

Life doesn’t always go as well as you want, but it can be comforting to know that there are always great things going on in the world around you.


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