7 Brilliant Tips for Lindsey Sacher Newbies.


What is Lindsey sacher?

Lindsey Sacher is a hair and makeup artist who founded her own line of cosmetics called Lindsey Sacher Wedding, which focuses on natural ingredients in each product. Lindsey works out of her home studio in Encino, CA and specializes in bridal, portrait, fashion and editorial work. She is known for having a very eclectic style that goes from classic to edgy depending on the looks required.

What are the 7 brilliant tips to follow?

1) Be Your Own Hairdresser – Try styling your success! Really feel like you are dressing yourself up with Lindsey’s creations rather than going into an expensive salon for your next big event. (this is done for you) 

2) Get Pre-Hair/Makeup – Save yourself time by having hair or makeup done ahead of time. Stage makeup in your car or on the way to the venue. 

3) Use only natural ingredients – The saying goes that “Beauty is skin deep” meaning it will be seen from the outside and what you see on the outside is just a facade. There are no chemicals in Lindsey Sacher’s cosmetics and they are environmentally-friendly. 

4) Wear white – The best colors for lighting are white and black, so put your facial features forward by wearing white so that others can see your full face as Lindsey does in her filmography videos. 

5) Wear black – Black items can be used anywhere in your bridal look. Wear a black tuxedo jacket, blacks and whites, all in one look. If you have dark skin tone, dark lips and eyes can really keep things looking classy. 

6) Lighter makeup on your face and hair – You wouldn’t want to feel like you are walking around with a heavy weight on your head, so only use darker makeup on the makeup palette tips (see below). Also wear white wedding shoes! 

7) Learn how to make-up – Lindsey Sacher has put together a very intricate and easy to follow guide for make-up tips that can be done at home or by yourself.

What are the benefits?

Lindsey Sacher cosmetics are not tested on animals and are 100% cruelty free. This is important to look at when you are selecting your products. Also, Lindsey Sacher is eco-friendly which means her products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Another plus would be that Lindsey Sacher’s products are very affordable and last over a year because of their high quality ingredients and the fact that they are not tested on animals. Wearing makeup, especially for the wedding day, is a big part of the day and therefore why we think it’s important to find an artist who really understands what it all means and what you want to look or feel like on your big day. When you get married you’ll have people lingering at all hours of the day, so having professional looking makeup can also be a benefit.

Are there any drawbacks?

Although there are no harmful chemicals in Lindsey Sacher products, the reason we do not use them (besides the fact that we don’t really like the idea of using any harmful chemicals) is because they do not contain SPF. You can still get sun protection with a good quality bronzer or powder, or some sun glasses or hats and even sunglasses during windy weather. There is nothing worse than looking in a mirror and seeing that you’re burnt red, hazy eyes and your lips cracked by the wind.

How does one learn more?

Lindsey has her own website with all of her latest makeup tips and tricks. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook. Lindsey also teaches cosmetology at the Los Angeles Beauty School. You can also view her filmography on YouTube or buy her products on ebay or amazon. Lindsey Sacher Wedding is also associated with freckledface cosmetics, which is another line of professional quality makeup that caters towards a more natural look.

Lindsey Sacher was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and studied in London, England at the prestigious International Center of Photography and Oxford University. She then moved to California to study at the Brooks Institute of Photography where she graduated Summa Cum Laude at the top of her class in 1994.

Some more facts:

Lindsey Sacher is based in Los Angeles, CA. She also has a makeup line called Lindsey Sacher Wedding. She is often found on film sets in Hollywood with her mobile beauty studio. Lindsey teaches at the Los Angeles Beauty School. Some of her biggest clients have included: Rachel Bilson, Gisele Bundchen, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Crawford. She goes under the name “Cinderella A.K.A. Lindsey Sacher” which she uses because she is known to wear wedding gowns and people assume that this is who she really is. She was a bridesmaid for Rachel Bilson’s wedding in 2008 and Cindy Crawford’s wedding in 2009.


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