7 Major Reasons Why Torrenting Is Still Appealing In 2022


Torrenting was indeed a great revolution to the file sharing and data transferring section. It has changed the whole definition of file transferring and data downloading. There is no doubt about the reason why it has become so popular. 

Before torrenting, sharing data or downloading large data files was a headache. Torrenting has offered a solution to many things. One of the most popular uses of torrents is downloading movies, songs, the latest games, and several applications. 

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7 Major Reasons Why Torrenting Is Still Appealing In 2022

A considerable amount of time has passed since the whole concept of torrenting came into the market. Now, we are standing in 2022, when the torrent is considered one of the most favorite file transferring and sharing methods. 

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the major reasons why torrenting is still appealing in 2022. 

A Better Alternative To Downloading And Uploading Files

As we have mentioned several times, when it comes to downloading and uploading files, there is no better solution than torrenting. Torrenting was first invested for serving the purpose of uploading, sharing, transferring, and downloading large files. 

Standing in 20222, torrenting is still considered one of the most efficient and much better alternatives to the traditional way of downloading and uploading files. 

Distribution Of Heavy Files And A Large Amount Of Data

There are a number of businesses and enterprises, which totally depend on torrenting when it comes to the distribution of large amounts of data and heavy files. All those big conglomerates are also using torrenting as the only way of sharing and distributing large files. 

As they are not able to find an alternative, which will assist the businesses, and enterprises in distributing large data and heavy files, they will continue using torrenting. 

Helps In Studying Current Customer Trends

Torrenting actually helps a lot in studying the current customer trends. All businesses and organizations are totally focused on meeting and fulfilling the customers’ demands. In order to do that, they need to understand the present customer trends. 

Torrenting offers a large amount of customer behavioral data, on the basis of which the companies and organizations will develop their business strategies to fulfill the customer demand. 

Better Exposure

Torrenting is also popular for providing greater exposure. Whether it is a product-based business or a service-based business, exposure is something that can not be negotiated. When they get more data and files, they will be able to offer better solutions. 

This is the reason why most enterprises are opting for torrenting services till now as they know they will always get better exposure with it. 

A Decentralized Way Of File Sharing

With every passing time, people and businesses are losing faith in centralized systems. More companies and also common people are looking for something that will fulfill their requirements and also will not have any centralized authority. 

Due to the lack of centralized authority, it becomes tough to hack the entire file-sharing network, and it offers greater security and safety from cybercriminals. 

A Totally Encrypted Network

Torrenting is not only a decentralized solution but also a totally encrypted one. You can be sure that the file transferring and sharing network is totally encrypted from one end to the other end. 

What more you will want in order to maintain the security and privacy of the file and data you are sharing. 

Simpler And Also Super Fast

File transferring and sharing is not only easier with torrenting, but it is also simpler. The simpler algorithm and user-friendly interface do not require too much technical knowledge in order to use it. 

Plus, you can share, distribute and transfer large files and huge data files within a really lesser time. So, it is simpler and also faster. 

Final Thoughts

When a single technology and method can offer so many benefits, there is no point in not using it. In fact, torrenting is a complete package of transferring, distributing huge amounts of data and large files. 


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