7 mistakes that do not allow you to succeed with content marketing

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hands writting 2110452 1280

Web positioning strategies need content marketing to make the difference between your company and that of your competitors.

But just as it has great importance and substantial utility for the growth of your brand, it can also bring with it certain errors that affect profits. The Octopus team brings you a small list of very common but at the same time, totally solvable errors that do not allow you to succeed with content marketing.

Shall we start?

Take time to get to know your audience

Creating content aimlessly is synonymous with failure, as it is always important to understand and understand what kind of audience your content is targeting because even though there is a large audience there is also a lot of competition.

Nowadays various analytical tools can give you substantial information, it will always be important to ask a more direct question to the people you are addressing, even before that is what you would like to read to you. Do you want to reconstruct your office set-up to work more comfortably? Litman Construction provides you the best office set-up works and fulfills all your requirements.  

You need a plan!

In every organization or department of a company, a good plan will always be needed to achieve the stated objectives and in content marketing, there is no exception. A strategy that allows you to align the content with your objectives is essential, since this way you can create more impactful publications and perfectly identify the needs of your users.

Laziness to write 

Did you know that Google has started to give prizes to the content of great depth and structure? This is because nowadays, the desire for information by users has become an insatiable hunger and that a short paragraph will not be enough to satisfy them.

The quality of content marketing is reflected in its structure, its length, and the information they offer, so stop being lazy to write and start taking out that great editor you have inside. A bulk workload can distract you from your goals. Meditation can help you a lot in this situation to be constant to your work and relief your stress

Spelling mistakes, enemies of content

Spelling errors affect any area, this is because their presence takes credibility from the content and makes it also look unpresentable.

It is said a lot on different social networks that users can love and then forget fantastic content, but they will keep even more present the one in which they saw a typing error, so always remember to read your content 3 times before publishing it.

Where are the photos of content marketing?

Even if you have the profile of the best editor in the world, the audience does not want to read a newspaper on a blog, seeing long stretches of text is very tiring visually, so try to add an image that illustrates what you are saying with the content.

If your brand or company makes publications where they only expose written content, without any design or visual element that supports your publications, not only will you get bored your readers but they will also reduce the residence time on your web portal.

Lack of Promotion

Another very common mistake in content marketing is to think that you do not need to carry out a promotional process for your publications, since you will not gain followers and new readers supernaturally or magically.

For a positioning strategy to be successful, it is necessary to disseminate content, this can be done through your social networks or even on other blogs. This will make your content one of the first options to read before those users who are looking for posts related to the topics that your brand manages.

Patience … never forget it

“Success does not come overnight” and is that this saying is perfectly focused on this particular situation. Content marketing is not a strategy that has all the answers on a first try, but it is a constant testing process to be able to identify all those contents that will make the difference in the positioning of your brand, product, or service.


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