7 Profitable Fields of Fintech App Development for a Successful Business

7 Profitable Fields of Fintech App Development for a Successful Business
7 Profitable Fields of Fintech App Development for a Successful Business

Financial wealth, stock market trading and bank transfers are the area that deals with the monetary operations which is why special attention is needed. When every finance sector is dedicatedly working towards the improvement of the financial services in terms of safety, convenience and speed, Fintech is the ideal solution. It comes with the specific tools that assist in attaining desirable goals. 

This is the main reason underlying the grand success of the Fintech applications. But it is entirely your choice whether you want to extract benefits from the finance app or not! Although similar platforms can be spotted all over the Web, the key to success comes of course with the appropriate approach. 

Moreover, it is not an easy procedure yet a reliable way to sustain in the respective field for the long time! In this blog you will get to familiarize with 7 respective fields of Fintech application which serve the finance sector for a long time with much efficiency! So, let’s have a look on them.    

Fintech Trends

Prior to delve into the respective Fintech app fields, it is imperative to have a glance of the developing trends mostly followed by most Nevada Fintech app development companies. It is mainly based on:


  • Artificial Intelligence, process automation and robotization 


All related technologies to Ai are the key trends of the Fintech app development or finance sector! The reason of making investment in AI development seems understandable. With the incorporation of these technologies, certain actions in the finance sector can be taken much better. It includes customization of the products, detection of the patterns in huge heap of data and prediction of likelihood of several events. 


  • Big Data


Big data also has an integral role in the Fintech app development trends. When a financial institution works or deals with lots of data leveraging of the big data is necessary! It is referred to the algorithmic actions for identifying the patterns of customer while taking certain financial actions. 


  • Data Protection 


Fintech app development trends don’t get completed without the inclusion of security key! This is why data protection system has been leveraged into the system becoming more prevalent along with time. Although GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is being launched for the protection hence it can’t get proved much efficiency in performing its job role. 

This is the key reason most companies and financial institutions get inclined to the innovative Fintech features for combating against fraud! Moreover, it equips with additional specifications such as process automation, machine learning, cloud and biometric technologies. 

Now it has been greatly prevented with the help of numerous mobile payment options and QR, using of ChatBots for sending instant messages to the consumers by banks. Even a few more APIs and the facility of transferring of other innovative and latest banking technologies in the cloud systems genuinely help both the customer and the investor. 

Fields of Fintech App Development

Randomly, Fintech app can’t be created. At first, analysis of the market is necessary for choosing the fintech application type. Accordingly, the issues can be figured out! 


  • Mobile banking apps


This app is specifically designed for managing the bank account with its installation on Smartphone, tablet PC and other same devices. Whenever it comes to develop a finance app to serve banking services certain programs need to be leveraged in it so that the specific requirements can be met! It was first introduced 10 years ago with certain elementary services including ATMs, accounts and cards. 

Over time it has expanded its area of services with limitless options and services ranging from blocking and ordering of cards to deposits and opening of the accounts. Hence it is expected that in the upcoming years, it will come up with much more revolution.     


  • P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment apps


This one is the newest technology in the world of Fintech application. Yet within a short span of time, it has experienced immense recognition all over the world. P2P approach is useful for performing varied finance-oriented activities for the implication of the interaction within persons. Therefore, it can act as the ideal medium for transferring money within holders of bank cards of varied banks and payment system simultaneously. 

There are certain percentages of elderly who are not used to this system yet they also want its leverage in the future finance system. Mainly small business owner, the people who have to make payments online for many reasons, local charity and international crowdfunding are enjoying its benefits right now! 


  • Insurtech apps


This app and area is the most sensitive and conservative as well besides innovation. Although much benefit can’t be noticed in this specific Fintech application development yet it has been adopted by a whopping number of insurance companies leading an exponential growth in the number of insurtech service providers as well. 

A good reason is there behind its huge success! Numerous customer needs, insurance agents, addled tariffs and conditions and paperwork is needed for any traditional insurance. But Fintech technology substitutes every necessity with the following software solutions:

  • Open API
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Blockchain and Big Data
  • Machine Learning 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Telematics


  • Wealthtech apps


Amongst these excellent Fintech applications, varied Wealthtech applications are there too. As per the name, it is referred to the combination of technology and wealth serving to the aim of improvement both professional and personal money management and investment. Some of the wealthtech apps are mentioned below for your reference:

    1. Micro-investment resources are reliable for making small yet daily investment without any additional charge.
    2. Robo-Retirement is a specific tool for asset management to monitor retirement savings account.
    3. Digital Broker is the Fintech platform assists the businesses and retail investors to stay updated with the latest information related to the investment opportunities on the basis of the current stock market status. 
    4. Robo-advisors is an automated tool extract the benefits from machine learning for giving crucial pieces of investment tips to the users.                   


  • Trading apps


A couple of years ago online trading apps have secured a place in the world of digital marketing. Recently, it is being used in the construction of Fintech apps. Actually these are mobile versions of the respective web portals. Nowadays, it has become the latest trend and correct choice for the traders and investors to opt for mobile devices over any other smart devices. 

Some sorts of such trading apps are financial education, latest news and information related to finance, stock and trade management and exploration of cool trading ideas. Trading apps which have been built with the help of Fintech technology possess the following common features:

  • Data streaming
  • All sorts of instant notification
  • Exchange of data in real-time within mobile and online platforms  


  • Blockchain apps


Blockchain is the most innovative technology entirely information transaction and storage oriented! Usually, it is represented as the transaction blocks sequential chains. Every block comprises of the single database which gets updated automatically after every new transaction. Due to its decentralization it is used in numerous applications. Blockchain app offers great benefits to the financial services and technology in the following ways:

  • Money management applications– the internal currency can be used for conducting transactions on blockchain network.
  • Blockchain applications- It comes with the Fintech specifications for the integration of money so that payment can be done after being notified of the completed task. 
  • Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO)- It offers a membership program whose members can belong to any parts of the world. It possesses defined rules programmatically for ensuring the eligibility of the members, the activity or business they can conduct and ways of exchanging costs, funds and token. 


  • Regtech apps


In the list of efficient Fintech application, regtech apps must be there at the same time. Its prime motto is to assist the financial companies for the compliance of state standards. Moreover, it acts remarkably in the automation of certain procedures of the financial institutions including submission and compilation of reports, verification of the bank accounts and customer details. 

As it can analyze lots of data at a time, crucial and most beneficial business decisions can be taken by the organizations promptly. Other beneficial features of this Fintech application are mentioned below:

  • Risky data storage
  • Monitor actively
  • Verification of the KPI and employees’ behavior
  • Protection against cyber attack
  • Encryption of data
  • Blockchain technology usage
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Complex cloud computing
  • Regulation and legislation analysis

In case you are a business owner then undoubtedly Fintecgh application can be your ideal companion for the expansion of business. However, for proper implementation, leverage and design it is imperative to hire professional and dedicated Fintech app expertise. There are numerous companies of Fintech app development in Nevada serving to this purpose for over a long time. 

You can choose any one from them by narrowing your preferences on the basis of the experience, testimonials and quality of the services offered by them. This will let you achieve your business goal within a short span of time. 


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