9 Ridiculous Rules About MOBILE PHONES

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What’s up, nerds?

I hope you’re having a great day. If not, this post is here to make it better (or worse)! We’re going over some of the dumbest rules about mobile phones like ne xs ashes of the singularity wallpapers that are still in people’s heads. No one follows these anyway, so why should you have to? Check out our list – we’ve got some funny ones for ya. Check it out!

1. Rechargeable batteries are NOT rechargeable batteries.

Let’s get one thing straight – rechargeable batteries are available for most phones nowadays. So if you’re still using the old batteries, you need to move on and buy some new ones! You can find them in any store nowadays – even supermarkets. I mean, it’s obvious, right? I can take a fully discharged battery and plug it into a charger and it’ll charge up… but “rechargeable” is a much more accurate term.

2. Temperatures are not related to charging times.

Now this one is liable to cause some misunderstandings when you’re trying to get your power-hungry phone juiced up in the cold Canadian wintertime and your battery is taking longer than you expected (when you thought it would take no time at all). This one could also be easily misunderstood if someone tried to use others’ chargers that aren’t compatible with their phone.

3. Seriously, most of these rules have been debunked.

So it has come to my attention that people still use these. I mean, really, do you really think that a 10% battery life means your phone’s dead? I don’t think so. This one is self explanatory. Things change all the time, people do stupid stuff, so we create new rules every week to keep track of what’s going on out there!


Why would you want to do that? It sounds like it would help your battery last a lot longer but if you’re thinking about this I’m guessing that you’ve already reached your phone’s maximum capacity and are too lazy to do a full charge and am now trying to stretch it out as long as possible with an external battery case or something similar.

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5. Wireless charging is not magic.

Your phone’s battery isn’t going to charge faster if it’s sitting on a special charging mat, and the fact that you have to put your phone back down after each time you use it means that you’re probably just being lazy and putting your phone down in the same place every time, so it’s still getting just as much exposure to the wireless charging pad as all of the other people who think this actually works.

6. Charging your phone in the sun is like building a solar cell out of popsicles and hoping it’ll give you more light.

This one does work, but not for very long (if at all). Your phone’s battery will eventually run out of power just like a solar panel, and when that happens you’re going to have to plug it in. You can build lots of solar cells out of popsicles, but they’re not going to make your popsicle stand any taller than it already is.

7. Do not charge batteries with a tire-inflator.

This one is hard to believe but it happens. You see, when you’re driving around, your tires heat up and expand as they’re doing so, creating a larger amount of energy stored in them than usual. If you’re not sure what this one means, don’t worry about it. This one is probably just people who are trying to be overly technical or something and take things too far (and those are the worst people in the world).

8. The temperature from your phone’s bottom is not enough to kill a baby.

Okay, so this one is true – the temperature does rise quite high if you leave your phone on the tile floor of your bathroom for too long (but it’s too hot to hurt a baby), but how would you even know if you left it in there?!? Usually people just leave their phones laying around in different places they’d be okay with keeping warm and don’t realize their little “science experiment” will be burning up once they’ve forgotten about it.

9. Now it is time for the final rule.

Do not refer to phones as “cell phones”.

I mean, don’t say it because it’s wrong and it sounds old and outdated, but we just figured we should point out that you shouldn’t call your phone a cell phone or anything else, really. Do not take this as a joke, because it is not.

Conclusion of this article:

There are many types of mobile phones. Some have small screens and some have big screens. Some have only one camera, while others can fit in more than one. This is why phones are great gifts for anyone you know. There are many types of mobile phones in their market today and they all vary in features, looks and prices. You can always choose the best phone that will fit your needs perfectly.

Mobile phones are a staple in our everyday lives, we use them for everything from talking with friends to being online when we’re bored (or not) to checking email on the go…


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