A Complete Comparison Between BigTime Software vs Trello Project Management

bigtime software vs trello project management

All professional service firms need software that can support them with projects, team management, and billing. Lucky for them, there are plenty of options that can help them keep track of all tasks, time, expenses, and documents. Two platforms that stand out are BigTime and Trello. Since both of them are similar SaaS products, this article compares BigTime software vs Trello Project Management. Learn more about their features, pros, and cons so you can make the best possible decision for your firm.

BigTime Software Review

BigTime is a project management platform developed for professional service providers. It gives users real-time insights into their workflows and provides complete integration options for time tracking and billing. Professional organizations can improve their accounting processes and eliminate the guesswork associated with invoicing. They can also improve resource utilization, capacity planning, and revenue calculations.

The platform includes flexible configuration so the users can customize it according to their company’s needs. BigTime also help tailor each software based on the company setup and their industry needs. When comparing BigTime software vs Trello project management, BigTime includes time and billing history in its comprehensive features to help users improve their performance over time. It serves as a complete project management solution for architecture, engineering, accounting, consulting, contracting, creative, IT, government, and law firms. 

BigTime Sofware Pros

  • The software can automate complicated processes such as client-specific billing or invoicing
  • Real-time performance statistics and utilization data facilitate a proactive approach to project management

BigTime Sofware Cons

  • The reporting feature is not as intuitive as other platforms
  • There are not as many help pages, user guides, or video tutorials to help beginners.

Key Features

Time Tracking

BigTime users can submit all their time and expense data into the system using its data entry feature. The intuitive timesheets simplify the time tracking process because they have an auto-fill function for repetitive information. The sheets also save automatically, include auto-complete features and the smart lookup is useful for finding user-specific presets. The users will be setting custom permissions for managers to limit the information visible to other employees. This helps reduce errors, increase efficiency and also restrict access to sensitive information. 

Billing and invoicing

The BigTime software vs Trello project management billing debate goes in BigTime’s favor. The platform streamlines customer invoices and allows users to leverage standard billing models. They can also customize project invoices and modify them based on the client’s needs. The logo, address, company, and other details can be added to the document too. The software displays budget statuses, expense reports, receipts, and time entry note whenever required. 

Project Management

Organizations can improve their project workflows and processes through the software. It facilitates budget creation, time tracking, expenses, and billing. BigTime helps project managers gain visibility into each ongoing project and with actionable suggestions. They can also discover opportunities for improvement using interactive Gantt charts. 


Managers can get real-time updates right on the dashboard through the reporting and analytics report. BigTime reporting empowers teams to make better decisions and boost their project profitability. Users can utilize any of the templates and configure reports based on billable hours, resource utilization, and pending invoices. 

Trello Project Management Review

Trello is a project management and collaboration tool that gives teams the support they need to move forward in a project. The meetings, projects, events, and goals are defined on the platform with the help of customized workflows. Trello utilizes the Kanban framework to help managers organize tasks and build the project structure. 

All the task management features are available in one place so users can create to-do lists, develop roadmaps, and organize all their action items. They can coordinate between different departments by sharing boards or cards with them. When comparing BigTime software vs Trello project management, it is important to note that Trello also has automation, collaboration, and administrative functions to help teams maximize their productivity. 

Trello Project Management Pros

  • Customizable and flexible Kanban application
  • Users can change the card colors and board backgrounds 
  • Intuitive interface with sticky notes to help organize all tasks
  • Easy onboarding process and a short learning curve which helps teams set up right away

Trello Project Management Cons

  • There is no time tracking options or project progress reports
  • It cannot generate granular details which are required to handle complex projects

Key Features


The Trello board can be set up within a few minutes and it gives users complete visibility into all project data. They can choose how they want to view the information and look at it from different angles. The entire team has access to real-time updates and can customize their feed. They can switch between the timeline, calendar, project planning, table, and time management view. All the connected tasks across all the boards can be viewed on a single screen with the important statistics showing up on the dashboard. 


Users can create Trello cards for a task or subtask and attach files, reminders, checklists, comments, and other reactions to it. The information empowers all users to take action whenever necessary. The perspective gained from the cards can help manage deadlines and track feedback. Managers can assign tasks or delegate work to different groups. Cards can be shared between boards and synchronized with other applications too. 

No-Code Programs

Trello project management has a built-in automation “Butler” that can help teams focus on key tasks. It reduces the long list of action items on an employee’s list because the software can take care of them. Users can set up specific triggers that kick off a chain of events such as moving cards, archiving data, or sending notifications. The feature uses natural language processing commands to automate any tasks. It can also create custom buttons, deadlines, and schedules for specific assignments. 


The BigTime software vs Trello project management debate can go on forever, but we want to conclude by saying that both platforms serve specific purposes. BigTime is more suited for businesses that need a robust invoicing solution while Trello is for smaller teams with less complex projects.


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